center of mass

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The center of mass of the semi sphere is on the axis of symmetry (Oz), [z.
When leg segments were taken into account, the overall center of mass was indistinguishable from the center of the body, except in the vertical axis, where the center of mass was located 0.
Furthermore, and this is a critical "furthermore," by using a second cam that drives an auxiliary mass, it is possible to have the center of mass of our free-fall system remain unchanged throughout the measurement cycle.
This raises Hawk's center of mass, the point where he perfectly balances the entire weight of his body, and increases his kinetic energy.
Using Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), the system followed the balloons' exact movements by measuring the relative positions between each balloon and the flyby craft that had jettisoned it, and between each flyby and Venus's center of mass.
There were no significant relationships between center of mass lateral displacement and velocity.
The observational method that Gatewood used, known as astrometry, relies on the fact that a planet and its parent star orbit a common center of mass (SN: 11/18/95, p.
Proved the existence of the nucleus, an atom's dense center of mass
The center of mass of Mars differs from its geometric center by about 3 kilometers-presumably because matter inside Mars has a lumpy distribution.
The larger the planet's orbit, the greater the excursion the star must make as it revolves around the center of mass of the two bodies.
With the top's center of mass somewhat lower than the sphere's center, the toy normally rests in a position with its rod, or stem, pointing vertically upward.
Using the single star in their images as a reference point, the researchers tracked the center of mass of the Pluto-Charon system and calculated each body's mass and density.
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