center of attention

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Synonyms for center of attention

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

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The three subtypes include faux pas (making a social mistake), center of attention, and sticky situations (threatening another's social identity).
Kaitlyn, formerly sort of a social outcast, becomes the center of attention at school as everyone tries to get close to Blaine/Gordon.
Wolfe, Meryl Streep, Tonya Pinkins, Maurice Sendak, and many others make an appearance, but Kushner is always the center of attention. (Oct.
Suddenly, a dozen or so would-be paleontologists--myself included--shifted their mental focus from the small zones of rock immediately in front of them to a new center of attention. Having spent the last few hours using hand tools to grub our way through crumbly rock with little tangible result, we found the idea that someone had actually found something to be exciting indeed.
The state of the copper market is the center of attention for metals traders throughout the world.
Advanced elementary to early middle school readers will relish Lois Lowry's Gooney Bird And The Room Mother (06-18532307, $15.00), telling of Gooney Bird Greene, who likes to be the center of attention most of the time.
Built from 27,000 blocks of ice, the enormous royal house was the center of attention at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, which ran from Jan.
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