center of attention

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the object upon which interest and attention focuses

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Rosie instantly becomes the center of attention of the "in" crowd (a position she doesn't enjoy), an errand runner for a group of old people (called "wrinklies'), caught betwixt the attentions of a good boy and a bad boy, and the target of sinister phone calls demanding that a mysterious something be returned.
At the ICA, the center of attention will be not the building, but rather its contents and views of the city beyond.
As a baby boomer, her generation was accustomed to being at the center of attention, so it came as quite a shock to realize that women over 50 seemed to vanish.
Mike Stanton began the summer as the unexpected center of attention at the USA Baseball Junior Olympics West in Arizona, where his coach was bombarded with inquiries about the outfielder from Notre Dame High of Sherman Oaks.
But what soon becomes clear is that there is nothing genuine about them; in fact there is something almost supernatural about their ability to find themselves the center of attention.
There's much gusto, glasses are held high, the video is shaky; there's Manu with her belly, the center of attention.
The ESPN Play by Play is a visually dynamic product that enables children to enjoy the adrenaline rush produced either by being the center of attention on the field or calling the shots in the broadcast booth.
The 6-foot-11 sophomore forward is going to be the center of attention for a long time.
However, Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL) will start things off for us today, as the company has become the center of attention on the message boards after Barron's suggested that the firm could buy Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) after AAPL CEO Steve Jobs becomes the leading DIS shareholder.
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