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a line that bisects a plane figure


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Steiner, 20, of Thompsonville, was northbound on Illinois 34, just north of Webber Cemetery Road, when her gray 2004 Ford Taurus crossed the center line into the southbound lane for unknown reasons.
For more than 40 years, Center Line valves have delivered reliable performance in the chemical processing, food and beverage, power, and pulp and paper industries" said Alysha King, global business line manager for Crane ChemPharma & Energy.
CUTLINE: A Dudley intersection shows directional arrows, but no center line.
Norwegian geophysical company TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA (OSE: TGS) announced on Monday (2 June) that it has acquired the assets of the privately-owned US company Center Line Data Corporation.
Substantially all of the assets of Center Line Data Corporation, a privately held Denver-based provider of well log digitising software and services, have been acquired by TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS).
Either method will provide you with an extended center line.
Featuring a moving table/fixed column design to provide maximum rigidity, the 90[degrees] bridge with offset Y-axis ways and a wide saddle keep the spindle center line very close to the bridge for further rigidity.
3: The first lane of each design element should be started at its center line.
Oregon State Police said a southbound Acura Integra being driven by Robert Mayfield, 21, of Harrisburg, crossed the center line, causing the accident about 5:30 p.
The center line keeps one from illusionism, from reading depth into the painting.
Every few miles red entrails spray the center line, bloated bellies float in shoulder weeds, crows pick at crumpled hide and bones, white tails flag the passing wind.
I see a distinct Air Mobility Command gray color scheme, the pilot director indicator lights, a yellow center line stripe and the distinct exhaust cone of an F-108 engine in the far right section of the photo.
Mark the handle center line and drill the first handle hole.
The police said Toshinori Kuriyama, 37, from the city of Asahikawa was killed in the accident in which the minivan driven by his mother Shizui, 64, skidded over the center line and collided with the oncoming bus on National Route 39 in the town of Aibetsu.
The low center line and wide stance create a low machine profile.
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