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Synonyms for cent

a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit


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Well, observe the difference: you pay eight cents and four mills, we pay only four cents.
We pay four cents for a woman's stuff gown, you pay 8.
In seven hundred years wages will have risen to six times what they are now, here in your region, and farm hands will be allowed 3 cents a day, and mechanics 6.
Two hundred and fifty years later -- pay attention now -- a mechanic's wages will be -- mind you, this is law, not guesswork; a mechanic's wages will then be TWENTY cents a day
Wages will keep on rising, little by little, little by little, as steadily as a tree grows, and at the end of three hundred and forty years more there'll be at least ONE country where the mechanic's average wage will be TWO HUNDRED cents a day
Two cents a word - twenty dollars a thousand; the check must be a hundred dollars.
The TRANSCONTINENTAL sold for twenty-five cents, and its dignified and artistic cover proclaimed it as among the first-class magazines.
Now, here is a clear gain, in a very brief period, of no less than one dollar and twenty-five cents -- this is in the mere cases of Snap and Gruff; and I solemnly assure the reader that these extracts are taken at random from my Day-Book.
As there was no one from whom he could borrow there, and he dared not beg for fear of being arrested, it was arranged that every day he should meet one of the children and be given fifteen cents of their earnings, upon which he could keep going.
All day long this man would toil thus, his whole being centered upon the purpose of making twenty-three instead of twenty-two and a half cents an hour; and then his product would be reckoned up by the census taker, and jubilant captains of industry would boast of it in their banquet halls, telling how our workers are nearly twice as efficient as those of any other country.
This was child's play for him, and he got a dollar and seventy-five cents a day for it; on Saturday he paid Aniele the seventy-five cents a week he owed her for the use of her garret, and also redeemed his overcoat, which Elzbieta had put in pawn when he was in jail.
the operating result rose by 59 per cent to MSEK 48.
The ratio of government social protection expenditure to GDP varied across EU Member States from less than 10 per cent in Ireland (9.
Dr Bassam Al Towaisi of the Jordan Media Institute, told a news conference yesterday that the poll of 2,500 respondents, 50 per cent of whom were citizens and 50 per cent expatriates, showed that 94 per cent of the people trust the UAE media outlets.
It is followed by regional news at 59 per cent and economic content at 50 per cent, whereas technology content is at 28 per cent and education at 13 per cent.