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someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes


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Among people counted door-to-door by a census taker, responses from a household member were more accurate than those from proxies, such as neighbors or landlords who provided information when a householder could not be reached or refused to participate in the census.
Number of census taker training sessions held nationwide from April 27 through April 30 for door-to-door follow-up.
Another problem, according to Statistical Services' officer Yiota Kyriakidou, is the fact that many of the census takers resigned, saying they found the job impossible.
Foreigners unable to speak Bulgarian can request census takers able to speak, respectively, English, French or Russian.
The census taker counted 21,463 improved and 36,850 unimproved acres.
That's because we're often confused with accountants, but even these dry personalities are positively scintillating compared to the mathematical man of the hour - actually of the decade - the decennial census taker.
From April to July, those who haven't completed their 2010 Census form will receive a visit to their home address from a Census taker.
If a census taker has to come out to your home it costs $56.
She is a former secretary and longtime member of the Upton Historical Society, former town census taker, a member of the Upton Sr.
It concerns a census taker doing the rounds in a small mountain village, where he walked up to a shack and knocked on the door.
On average, one census taker is expected to visit about 200-250 people and 80 households.
Households that do not send back a form will be visited in person by a Census taker sometime between April and July.
She served as Census Taker for the town for many years.
The prequel reveals the early years of the psychopath, who infamously ate the liver of a census taker "with some fava beans and a nice Chianti".
The sensor provides a trusted security chain that protects the Census network, and convenience for the census taker by eliminating the need for passwords.