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someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes


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Another problem, according to Statistical Services' officer Yiota Kyriakidou, is the fact that many of the census takers resigned, saying they found the job impossible.
Foreigners unable to speak Bulgarian can request census takers able to speak, respectively, English, French or Russian.
The census taker had misheard and written down the name [Shadrack] 'Nichols' instead of 'Minkins.
The census taker counted 21,463 improved and 36,850 unimproved acres.
Similarly, if you do not understand any of the questions, a census taker will help you.
That's because we're often confused with accountants, but even these dry personalities are positively scintillating compared to the mathematical man of the hour - actually of the decade - the decennial census taker.
From April to July, those who haven't completed their 2010 Census form will receive a visit to their home address from a Census taker.
Anyone who enjoys a bit of character comedy will be delighted at the Journal Tyne Theatre Grinning Idiot line up on Saturday, May 14, as Viz co-founder Simon Donald brings Geordie census taker, Barry Twyford, to life, whilst Lee Fenwick parades unemployed shipyard worker Mick Sergeant with his troubled mind and hilarious eccentricities.
To send a census taker out there, which we are required to do, costs $56.
It concerns a census taker doing the rounds in a small mountain village, where he walked up to a shack and knocked on the door.
And the position - of census taker for the 1901 count - was an important one that was taken very seriously.
Anthony Hopkins's Oscar-winning portrayal of the brilliant yet deadly killer in The Silence of the Lambs immortalised the character in the collective consciousness, whispering the immortal lines: "A census taker once tried to test me.
A census taker is man who goes from house to house increasing the population.
The data appears to show that Arkansas undercounted a growing population of Hispanics who fear any agent of government, even a Census taker.
The census taker in 1842 noted tenants' rental arrangements, their landlords, their agricultural products and family characteristics.