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Synonyms for census

a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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CIOC vice chairman Geoffrey King'ang'i (Mbeere South) told Chege that KNBS would lose the case if results for forthcoming census are challenged in court based on the legality of the exercise unless the Statistics Act 2006 is amended.
Now the city is asking residents to participate in the census as it aims to get an accurate count of the population.
The 2017 Census was conducted in two phases, with the first phase covering 11 divisions of the four provinces and the federal capital while the rest of the divisions were covered in the second phase.
The goal of the 2020 Census is a complete and accurate census counting everyone once, only once, and in the right place.
On the occasion, the minister lauded the efforts made by the PBS staff for successful conduct of phase-I of the census operation and expressed the hope that the 2nd phase would also be completed smoothly.
The United Nations defines census as, "the total process of collecting, compiling and pub-lishing demographic, economic and social data pertaining, at a specified time of all persons in a country.
Most specific to the Census Bureau are the issues of land, including taxation.
The ruling parties are running from the reality but the census must be held and everyone to face the truth," Pendarovski said.
The Census and Statistics Department has finally fixed the dates for the enumeration stage of the 2011 census from February 27 to March 21 to give a correct idea of the population and housing in Sri Lanka in its post conflict scenario.
According to government sources, it is certain only that after the analysis the Government will put an end to the census for a long time to come.
Questioned by the Iran Times, the Census Bureau said it will not tabulate the number of people who write in "Iranian" or "Iranian-American"--or any other ethnicity--on their Census forms this year--but would be willing to tabulate them later, after its work to process the 2010 Census results is completed.
For example, the Census Bureau will recruit nearly 3.
It was the first all inclusive census for people of southern Sudan since Sudan became independence in January 1956.
Census Bureau is already looking for job applicants to work for the 2010 Census.
2006 community profiles, census year 2006 (update).