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Synonyms for censure

Synonyms for censure

to find fault with

to feel or express strong disapproval of

Synonyms for censure

harsh criticism or disapproval

the state of being excommunicated

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was censured by FINRA, fined $100,000 and required to pay $85,281.
Article 134 of the Constitution says that, if the Cabinet does not receive the vote of confidence or is censured a second time, the president faces a situation in which governability is impossible and he is thus authorized to dissolve Congress and call new elections within four months.
While censured practitioners may continue to practice before the IRS, the DOP may impose conditions on future representations that are "reasonable in light of the gravity of the practitioner's violations.
The House of Representatives censured Wahid on the grounds that he played a role in the withdrawal and disbursement of 35 billion rupiah (about $3.
The three were severely censured and warned as to their future behaviour.
PricewaterhouseCoopers had initiated the procedures after being censured in January by the SEC for violating conflict-of-interest and accounting regulations.
Having adopted a Marxist approach throughout, Lo finally decides that the Hong Kong rule of law system is preferable to the way in which corruption is censured in the PRC.
Among recent enforcement actions by the Financial Regulatory Authority, Barclays Capital was censured and fined $800,000 for reporting failures; Capital One Sharebuilder was censures and fined $100,000, also for reporting failures; and First Southwest Co.
The securities regulator in Australia has censured Royal Bank of Scotland (LSE: RBS).
AN Assembly Member broke down in tears as she addressed fellow AMs in the Senedd for the first time since being censured for a conviction for drinkdriving.
Noda, however, now faces the prospect of becoming the third prime minister to be censured in the upper house as he battles the major opposition parties over the timing of the general election.
Fr D'Arcy was officially censured after an anonymous complaint led to the Pope's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith investigating his work last year.
THE BRITISH government has been censured by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for dragging its feet over removing an exemption allowing development on Crown lands without environmental impact assessments.
SAG President Melissa Gilbert was unofficially censured by opponents for leaving taped messages in support of the deal on the answering machines of members.
90(a) requires the DOP to make the names of censured practitioners publicly available, along with those who are suspended or disbarred from IRS practice.