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Synonyms for censure

Synonyms for censure

to find fault with

to feel or express strong disapproval of

Synonyms for censure

harsh criticism or disapproval

the state of being excommunicated

References in classic literature ?
It is evident from these considerations, that the plurality of the Executive tends to deprive the people of the two greatest securities they can have for the faithful exercise of any delegated power, first, the restraints of public opinion, which lose their efficacy, as well on account of the division of the censure attendant on bad measures among a number, as on account of the uncertainty on whom it ought to fall; and, second, the opportunity of discovering with facility and clearness the misconduct of the persons they trust, in order either to their removal from office or to their actual punishment in cases which admit of it.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Apr 27 (ANI): Delhi BJP leader and party's national secretary RP Singh on Saturday urged the Election Commission of India (EC) to "censure" Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for allegedly violating the Model Code of Conduct by "misleading" the voters.
Politicians from major and minor parties joined forces to censure the controversial Queensland Senator in a voice vote in the upper house Senate.Senator Anning's comments were ugly and divisive.
Even if commissioners had authority to censure a fellow board member, Ernst did nothing to merit such a move by protesting a logging project on federal land that Seneca has contracted to complete.
Cette nouvelle forme de censure n'a malheureusement rien de surprenant: chaque bouleversement des formes de communication--livre, theatre, cinema, television, ou aujourd'hui telephone portable--s'est accompagne dans l'Histoire d'une phase repressive dont les motifs, quelle que soit l'epoque, sont restes sensiblement les memes: politiques, religieux ou moraux.
ANKARA, Jun 15, 2010 (TUR) -- Peace and Democracy Party gave a censure motion against Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday.
LAHORE, June 13, 2010 (Frontier Star): On the direction of Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Muhammad Aslam Tareen, SSP Investigation Zulfiqar Hameed has awarded different departmental punishment to 11 police officers and officials on the charge of misconduct, faulty Investigation, misuse of power and negligence which included: reduction in rank, forfeiture in service, withholding of promotion, withholding of increment and censure. The punishments were awarded: six Sub-Inspectors, two Assistant Sub-Inspectors, one head constables and two constables.
(AP) -- A national college journalism association has lifted its censure of a Kansas school over the firing of the student newspaper's part-time adviser.
The First Nations University of Canada is faced with major pressure to accelerate changes to its governance as the Canadian Association of University Teachers(CAUT) unanimously voted for its censure in late November.
Japan's upper house of parliament has imposed an unprecedented censure motion on Yasuo Fukuda, the prime minister, just weeks before he hosts a summit of the Group of Eight nations.
The Chicago Sun-Times said Thursday the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) has lifted its censure with the release of the last censure audit reports, for the two 2006 reporting periods.
Appointed to fill a vacancy when Representative Bill Cadman was appointed to a vacant Senate seat, Bruce has become the first person in the history of the House to receive a formal censure. Bruce postponed his swearing-in so he would be eligible to serve six more years in the term-limited legislature.
The College's statement of censure described the nurse's action as "the abuse of the therapeutic relationship between the member and her client resulting in personal gain for the member."
HARVARD - It is unclear what a censure of the School Committee approved at Wednesday's special town meeting will mean, although petitioners believe voters sent a strong message of disapproval for the committee's recent controversial actions.
It examines the legal issues that could be raised by resolutions of this kind and discusses the relation of such action both to votes of no confidence in systems of parliamentary government and to congressional action to censure or otherwise express disapprobation of public officials.