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Synonyms for censorship



Synonyms for censorship

counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy

deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances

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Both the criminal and customs censorship laws were deployed against gay and lesbian publications.
The festival organizers suggested to the censorship authorities that the film be shown only to members of the jury, critics and journalists but they never replied," the statement said.
Abolishing censorship is unacceptable, but it's necessary to change and regulate its intervention in art," said El-Siwi, who is also a former president of the TV cen- sorship committee.
But the danger in censorship lies in how its boundaries are set and who sets them.
But journalists say censorship tightened in February 2008 after some articles accused the government of backing rebels in neighboring Chad.
The press law, and the lifting of censorship in Sudan, apply only to the written press and not to television media, which is largely controlled by the state.
If contradictory and inconsistent decisions were made by the censorship apparatus--itself a complicated organism that stretched from the central ministries in Rome to the Prefects of individual cities--no one was more inconsistent and arbitrary than maestro Mussolini himself.
Unlike crying wolf, crying censorship never seems to backfire.
That censorship lies in the federal mandate that the methods for studying the effects of school reform be evidence-based and scientifically based inquiry.
Karolides' POLITICAL GROUNDS (0816062706) and Sova's SOCIAL GROUNDS (0816062714) each provides surveys of historical, social, and censorship issues, with new entries in each revised edition covering more major writers, themes, and the most recent censorship actions by school boards, governments, and others.
Matthew Rothschild believes it is censorship to tell a fifth grader a political song containing the word "hell" is inappropriate for an elementary school talent show ("No Pink at Talent Show," July issue).
Realizing that in-depth journalism may be headed to the endangered species list, the Society of Professional Journalists is hoping to protect the last vestiges of independent reporting by urging colleges and universities around the country to designate their student publications as public forums that would be free from censorship by administrators.
School authorities face great complexities and inevitable challenges when deciding to make or not to make censorship decisions in schools.
As necessary, Putin's regime reverts to Brezhnev-era censorship measures.
And while these examples attest to censorship apres coup, the photographs of flag-draped coffins of American soldiers, previously withheld from the public, have recently appeared in the nation's newspapers, explicitly attesting to their prior censorship.