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Synonyms for censorship



Synonyms for censorship

counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy

deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances

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Of course, censorship is not always carried out to protect the politically powerful; it can also be used to reinforce social and cultural norms.
Saying that they have not yet received any court decision for the censored web content, Maher said they still don't know which kind of censorship is applied by the Turkish government on Vikipedi, emphasizing that they will take legal action to prevent their content from being censored in Turkey.
Gamal Yacout, a writer and theatre-studies professor at Alexandria University, added that "as a society we need censorship at this transitional phase.
The authors effectively deter censorship through the use of book ratings as well.
Cultural policy is a body and censorship is a part.
Explaining that the society censorship also strengths the self-censorship as well.
He failed to give any examples and the Iran Times could find no instances of such censorship.
In "An Open Letter: Teenagers' Views of Censorship in Libraries" by British researcher Sarah McNicol, an unidentified teenager expresses frustration that parents, teachers, "and even you, the school librarian, try to control what I'm allowed to read" (Knowledge Quest, November/December 2007).
He said that he wanted to make the censorship process 'public', Metro.
I further argue that although the intense censorship struggles over gay and lesbian sexual representations have subsided, censorship continues.
China's central government movie censorship body, the State Administration for Radio Film and Television announced that they would be loosening the reins slightly on the nation's movie restrictions.
Censorship and civic order in reformation Germany, 1517-1648; 'printed poison & evil talk'.
24 January 2013 SUDAN Intelligence service seizes Arab-language daily in latest act of censorship
Das Buch LeGrand), it is somehow fitting that this useful and instructive volume on literary censorship in nineteenth-century Germany has come from the Heinrich-Heine-Institut in DUsseldorf.
The implication of the censorship of Nezami's text for writers currently working in Iran is clear.