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Synonyms for censor

Synonyms for censor

to examine (material) and remove parts considered harmful or improper for publication or transmission

to keep from being published or transmitted

Synonyms for censor

someone who censures or condemns

a person who is authorized to read publications or correspondence or to watch theatrical performances and suppress in whole or in part anything considered obscene or politically unacceptable

Related Words

forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper)

subject to political, religious, or moral censorship

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Arora, who has produced the movie with the film's lead actress Anushka Sharma's banner Clean Slate Films, said: "They [the Pakistan censor board] seem to be taking random decisions.
On Saturday, Pakistan's Federal Censor Board refused to gives its nod for the release of 'PadMan' saying it was against "traditions and culture of the country.
Since the inmates know that their letters are checked by the censors, attempts to send deciphered information are rare, but some people have used mail to send into prisons prohibited items like: intoxicating substances, SIM cards, money or memory cards.
The order that was passed by the revising committee is set aside and the censor board has been directed to issue certification to the film as per the direction of the High Court," the film's director Abhishek Chaubey told reporters on Monday after the judgement, which allows the film to release on its stipulated date June 17.
Jannati said he had reviewed some of the manuscripts the Ahmadi-nejad Administration had banned and concluded that, in many cases, censors had acted based on "irrelevant" issues.
His software detected a successful effort by censors to dampen the online outcry after a major train crash in 2011.
The censors were asked to act like critics; after all, censura was in early modernity often enough a synonym for critica (107).
20) Instead of the prevalent image of an almost perfect harmony between the military regime and the television industry, the Censor Archives on telenovelas expose the difficult negotiation process between television producers and censors over the broadcast contents.
Monitoring the Internet, she acknowledged, has become an issue for her office, but not with the same focus as that of China, which employs some 30,000 censors.
The details were outlined in minutes from a Programmes in Wartime Committee Meeting, dated October 22, 1937, which noted: "It was agreed that the number of censors (six) at present proposed was inadequate, especially as it was essential that there should be someone responsible for switching off in whatever place the programme originated.
Wikipedia has been a challenge for China and its 100,000 Internet censors.
After a recut and title change, pic eventually passed the censors as "So Close to Paradise" and screened in Un Certain Regard in Cannes in 1999.
Viewers will only see what county censors approve -- that is, un-reality TV.
McKenzie, for example, finished his groundbreaking book The Two-Edged Sword (Bruce) in 1953, but it languished unpublished until 1956 thanks to censors who had not yet absorbed the biblical encyclical penned a decade earlier.
Previously, censors had most often placed responsibility for a published text on the printer.