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Synonyms for censorious

Synonyms for censorious

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harshly critical or expressing censure

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At times, indeed, Tennyson's shyness, insecurity, and censoriousness in relation to women could even be unpleasant, as in his rudeness to Mrs.
For example, O'Higgins was not particularly vocal on censorship and divorce, two issues that have come to define the censoriousness and Victorian repression of the Cosgrave government (259).
These are all essays of spectacle, of play, with none (or very little) of the severe censoriousness and anger which inform other mythologies such as "Blind and Dumb Criticism," "Billy Graham at the Vel'd'Hiv" or "Poujade and the Intellectuals.
A few years ago, it became possible at last to depict without censoriousness a protagonist ready to impersonate a Resistance hero in order to get on in the postwar world.
Immanuel Kant made this point long ago, in a way that was actually intended to blunt the censoriousness of certain enthusiasts for international law:
The attempt to forge such a synthesis suffered serious "side effects," not least the theoretically redundant censoriousness that tended to turn the Situationists' project into brimstone sermons filled with ad hominem personal invectives.
Violent somatic outbursts, spiritual pride, uncharitable censoriousness, lay exhorting, dreams, trances, and visions--the forces of enthusiasm that Edwards had helped to set in motion during his July 1741 visit to Suffield and Enfield would return to his own parish with a vengeance just six months later.
An air of moral censoriousness is attaching itself to so many types of behaviour.
With neither sanctimony nor censoriousness, the vicar succeeds in condemning a heartless way of life, in which other people are but instruments to be used for short-term material or sensual advantage, a way of life that has no charms and has nothing whatever to be said in its favor.
Others, such as the veteran campaigners O Faolain and O'Connor, and later Edna O'Brien, felt compelled to fight censoriousness and repression not only creatively but also politically, and their efforts contributed to the removal of the monkey of censorship from the backs of Irish writers, to the benefit of themselves, their readers, and Irish culture.
The Democrats reached new heights of censoriousness the same year dissent in the party fell to a low watermark.
One way or other, the films need to get a hold on the audience's easy-going acceptance of the 'sting' at the heart of most of the plots, whether it's a matter of having attractive stars, like Newman and Redford, or of a level of wit in the writing that softens any urge to censoriousness, as there was in Dearden's League, where, as well, there was a degree of sympathy for those whose peacetime lives had let them down, or of a bumbling haplessness that means the gang doesn't pose a serious threat to life as we know it.
William Manning that rhetoric and censoriousness are not substitutes for scholarship, and there are three titles, which I can offer to bolster the views expressed in my letter:
It is Felix's Christian cousin Caius who strikes the note of intolerance and censoriousness that darkens Manlius' future; as he reflects, "Caius Valerius, powerful member of a powerful family, had never even heard of Plato.
and in this study he explores the social history of a word often deemed the most controversial in the English language today Kennedy is dispassionate, clear and thorough in charting the word's social and legal history as well as the dangers of "deception, censoriousness and excessive anger" in fighting its use.