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Synonyms for censorious

Synonyms for censorious

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harshly critical or expressing censure

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and in this study he explores the social history of a word often deemed the most controversial in the English language today Kennedy is dispassionate, clear and thorough in charting the word's social and legal history as well as the dangers of "deception, censoriousness and excessive anger" in fighting its use.
Unlike his quips in the tavern scene, however, Falstaff's deathbed statements indicate a painful awareness of, and contrition for, his faults, a clear exception to Bloom's sense that the knight represents "freedom from censoriousness, from the superego, from guilt" (288).
They're never ostentatious, never vain, And their religion's moderate and humane; It's not their way to criticize and chide; They think censoriousness a mark of pride, And therefore, letting others preach and rave, They show, by deeds, how Christians should behave.
and where there is humility there is no censoriousness and no glorification of the ego.
Likewise, the long shadow of Bill Clinton's scandals fell on the 2000 election, yielding an equal division between the party of censoriousness and the party of acquiescence.
Nowhere in the recorded teaching of Jesus is there any reference to homosexuality, and the whole of Christ's teaching and example is set against the censoriousness that Mr Wareing personifies.
Not only a consistent representative of femininity for Hemingway, the Old Lady symbolizes an insipid propriety, a saccharine sensibility shaped by genteel culture, and a matronly censoriousness and caution born of these.
Tillinghast does, however, make an exception in his censoriousness for my very favorite of the late poems, "Thanks-Offering for Recovery.
The catalogue of symbols of material wealth confirms the presence of irony, in the light of the reader's knowledge that the narrator does not share the schoolgirls' superficial, acquisitive values nor their censoriousness.
If anything, the unifying theme of all these uprisings has been a relative lack of sectarian bigotry, gender segregation, censoriousness, and the other hobgoblins believed to be plaguing the Muslim world.
For a man who had spent much of his life exposing the hypocrisies of the new Irish state, in particular with regard to its Church-prompted censoriousness, it is surprising that O'Faolain felt any reticence at all about expressing his doubts over the viability of Christian faith.
Through their censoriousness and shunning, Mill apparently believed that shame, properly employed, could change aggregate behavior.
What amounted to assurance by censoriousness could energize itself from a number of sources besides obvious reprobates.
It does appear, however, that our own censoriousness has lessened in recent years, given the survival of Robin Cook as Foreign Secretary and even the possibility of Ron Davies making a come-back.
In a piece he wrote for The New York Times Magazine in October, journalist Andrew Sullivan described these people as "scolds," their belief system symbolized by the wagging index finger and a joyless censoriousness.