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Synonyms for censorious

Synonyms for censorious

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harshly critical or expressing censure

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What the world needs, especially Washington, is more Mailer and less of censorious and malodorous liberals.
YOUR boss or a partner is in a censorious mood over a decision you've recently made.
When the exhibition was queried in Parliament, both NDP and Liberal members criticized the government as prudish and censorious.
The national retailer also completes the survey administration twice a year because they want to ensure employee engagement remains a censorious focal point across the organization.
Interestingly, Syed Ahmed, the Inland Revenue Inspector at Lahore's regional tax office, actually confirmed some of the manager's censorious claims.
In response to Moore's comment yesterday, Marhaba Malyoon's trainer David Simcock offered censorious advice to Carlton House's jockey.
He also argued that "it is modern censorious Islamist pietism that is the newer development in the Muslim world, and that the celebration of 'vulgar' pleasures predates it.
It happens particularly when a pastorally healthy bishop dies, retires, or is moved to another diocese, and his successor is a rigid, censorious micromanager.
The new twentysomethings want parties and privacy, to share a tent with their girlfriend, away from the censorious eyes of the Athenian extended family.
From Ernst Lubitsch's elegant use of closed doors and multiple-entendre dialogue in early talkies to writer-director Preston Sturges pushing Hollywood's censorious limit during World War II, we've seen waves of adult movie comedies crest and recede over the decades.
The UK is the most censorious country in Europe about anything to do with the body.
They've seemed to some censorious eyes to be much too self-contained and in Kate McCann's case, too damn pretty.
Hemming denounced the so-called Blasphemy Law, censorious legislation used by the government to prosecute Gay News after it ran a poem "The Love That Dares to Speak Its Name.
It's a bit difficult to square directing that particular flick with working with a bunch of censorious gangsters with an appalling human rights record.