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Synonyms for censorious

Synonyms for censorious

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harshly critical or expressing censure

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What the world needs, especially Washington, is more Mailer and less of censorious and malodorous liberals.
In casting his censorious optics over Liverpool he has achieved some remarkable deductions and still more remarkable inferences.
Brown thinks this is nonsensical and that if one examines the available evidence with sufficient care one can find signs of dramatic activity even in the most unfavourable of cultural climates, such as in the censorious conditions of the West of Scotland in the early eighteenth century.
8) Because a full account of such nettlesome issues is beyond the scope of this inquiry, the Review confines its analysis to three specific types of paternalistic lawyer intervention: coercive settlement counseling tactics, termination of representation threats, and censorious public disclosures.
Praising her posse ("Wild child looking good/Living hard just like we should") and rhyming "my coochie" with "Gucci", Ke$ha evidently enjoys getting under the skin of moralising and censorious factions.
When the exhibition was queried in Parliament, both NDP and Liberal members criticized the government as prudish and censorious.
Interestingly, Syed Ahmed, the Inland Revenue Inspector at Lahore's regional tax office, actually confirmed some of the manager's censorious claims.
In response to Moore's comment yesterday, Marhaba Malyoon's trainer David Simcock offered censorious advice to Carlton House's jockey.
He also argued that "it is modern censorious Islamist pietism that is the newer development in the Muslim world, and that the celebration of 'vulgar' pleasures predates it.
The phrase "Christian disco" might trigger cringe-making thoughts of buttoned-up adolescent parties monitored by censorious adults and lubricated with fizzy drinks and Cliff Richard hits; but that scenario couldn't be further from Mark Dean's grimly impressive video installation Christian Disco (Terminator), 2010.
With this setup, the dynasties were able to shift quietly from their former role as time-honoured tribal leaders to their present-day role as autocrats presiding over closed, censorious societies and police states with appalling human rights records and few structural differences from dictators elsewhere in the pre-2011 Arab world.
Marxists preferred to see it as the demise of an aristocratic form of life under the scrutiny of a censorious bourgeoisie.
It happens particularly when a pastorally healthy bishop dies, retires, or is moved to another diocese, and his successor is a rigid, censorious micromanager.
Even Vince Cable, who I respected, was censorious, which sits oddly on someone whose party weaselled out of giving back money received from a convicted fraudster.