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Synonyms for censoring

counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy

deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances

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Using induced percentile left censoring for improved model fitting, bootstrapping methods were used for better estimating the upper percentiles (90th, 95th, and 99th) and confidence intervals for green wood strand thickness for the face layer of OSB panels.
Censoring things is putting blindfolds over their eyes and hoping maybe nobody will notice.
In general, the results using the 3 censoring approaches were similar.
Google said earlier this month it was not willing to continue censoring its search results for the Google.
Many who would violently object to censoring a small thing like profanity support censoring an immense thing like religion.
The theatrical release of KINSEY is being threatened by a campaign of lies and intimidation by several organizations intent on censoring the film.
But censoring foreign economic news undoubtedly will hurt China's economy and further harm China's already tainted global image.
The city acted in a discriminatory manner by censoring a banner that contains clearly constitutionally protected speech," said Stuart J.
But it also means that censoring cyberspace is a virtual impossibility - despite provisions in the pending telecommunications bill, which call for restricting free speech through the Internet.
The court has clearly taken the appropriate action in this case to prevent the local government from censoring the religious expression of a family who only desires to use their private residence for prayer in a legal and lawful manner.
BUSINESS WIRE)--July 22, 1996--Young adults are almost evenly split on the topic of censoring on-line chat forums, and favor talking about music rather than politics, according to an exclusive survey conducted on The Globe, an on-line community of more than 250,000 operated by WebGenesis, Inc.
Their duties would involve censoring scripts and listening to broadcasts so they were able to "switch off immediately any interpolation occurred".
But attempts at censoring the student media affects everyone on campus, so you have a responsibility to report on it.
But the censoring of the evening telecasts of the awards ceremony by the broadcaster led gay Asians to voice their anger.