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Synonyms for censor

Synonyms for censor

to examine (material) and remove parts considered harmful or improper for publication or transmission

to keep from being published or transmitted

Synonyms for censor

someone who censures or condemns

a person who is authorized to read publications or correspondence or to watch theatrical performances and suppress in whole or in part anything considered obscene or politically unacceptable

Related Words

forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper)

subject to political, religious, or moral censorship

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And as Jacob's trip to Greece and consequent affair with Sandra Wentworth Williams push Bonamy's sexual desire for Jacob closer to the surface, the finer methods of censorial control become insufficient.
My only point of disagreement with the above is that I would have said "gratuitously censorial rather than fair," where Levinson says rather than "wise.
However, the targeting of titles for censorial action is remarkably unpredictable, almost random.
While on such a quest, these women--and men--educated me, rather implicitly, about their rich bodily and censorial languages necessary to their speech and social messages.
In the book's most ambitious poem, "My Sister Not Painting, 1990," Muske explores similar censorial forces behind our aversion to private vision, this time an uncle's World War I trench vision of an erotic Christ-man-woman appearing before the fallen corpses of his comrades:
22) Thus, the regime of a newly independent country had managed to wield its censorial power in close cooperation with the ex-colonial power.
279) may point toward another major religious event of the same year, the censorial lustratio (see Robert B.
Singling out one medium for taxation while exempting others does not violate the First Amendment, as long as the taxation is neither censorial nor discriminatory, the U.
A final note: Submissions suggesting that the editors are prejudiced, censorial, or otherwise fallible are discouraged.
Its censorial powers over the private lives of citizens were also abolished, and the wealthy and conservative institution was limited to duties without political significance.
It is time for legislators to move beyond the rhetoric uttered in support of passage of such censorial legislation.
Seven chapters and conclusion are: control of literature as a strategy of Catholic Reformation: motives and modes of influence; approaching censorial reading; mechanisms of the Roman Index; censures of the marvelous; censures of love; censoring laughter; self-censorship and poetic counter-strategies: the case of Domenico Venier; conclusion.
In the other corner, opposition leader Foster is seeking to label a Labour council as old-fashioned and censorial - particularly since MPs this month voted to allow themselves tweeting rights.
Por outro lado, a redacao tinha o habito de produzir boletins de analise da acao censorial, parte do que foi depois publicado nas edicoes 154 e 155 do periodico.