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suppressed or subject to censorship


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That is, the writer is censored instead of his writings.
Ali El Sayed, Editor in Chief of Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, told Daily News Egypt that a whole page of the newspaper's Wednesday issue was censored by "governmental officials".
Dubai Media Council officials have reportedly asked the cinemas in the United Arab Emirates to stop screening the film, however, a censored and revised version has been up and running on the screens.
Apple redubbed the book "V***a," and censored the word vagina throughout the book's description.
He presents a textbook introducing both simple and complex methods for analyzing censored data, which can be used with air quality, water quality, solids, and contaminants in biota, among other kinds of data.
Parametric and nonparametric bootstrap confidence intervals for the complete and censored data sets were estimated for the 0.
In keeping with this approach, Raz-Krakotzkin does not negate the agency of readers of censored texts, but his emphasis here is on the role of the censors in shaping the body of literature--both in content and in conceptualization--available to those readers.
Advocating violence or harm toward anyone should be censored, and I do not consider threats free speech.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- YouTube phenomenon Alisa Apps gets censored again.
In 1921, at a conference of film censors, it was decided that all films had to be censored with a general audience in mind.
In fact, it isn't unusual for free speech to be censored in the school environment.
You'll find that portrait of an earlier generation of wartime Americans, their press, and their government in George Roeder's invaluable study The Censored War: American Visual Experience During World War Two (1993).
They censored an advertiser on the basis of that advertiser's political beliefs.
All Things Censored by Mumia Abu Jamal with Noelle Hanrahan Seven Stories Press, May 2000, $29.
Meigs, however, depends heavily on both censored material and surveys of aged veterans conducted by the U.