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a container for burning incense (especially one that is swung on a chain in a religious ritual)

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X x x x The products of the country consist of yellow wax, cotton, pearls, tortoise shell, medicinal betel-nuts, and yuta cloth; and the foreign traders (Chinese) barter for these, porcelains, trade-gold, iron censers, lead, colored glass beads, and iron needles.
and shake tears from the silver censers found everywhere these days, in
The Santiago de Compostela Botafumeiro is one of the largest censers in the world, weighing 80 kg and measuring 1.
Subsequently, the Ministry of Science and Art in Hessen by decree of 16th December 2009 secured the three Phrygian bowls and the two Byzantine censers on the grounds that a further alienation of ownership of the presumed owner (namely the Republic of Turkey) was to be counteracted and concealment of stolen goods was suspected.
Nevertheless, in some censers in feline shape, the neck of the animal is seen to bear an element which, by its form and location, might represent the use of the chin adornment subject of this work (Figures 11-13).
The Kuwaiti carpenters excelled in making items such as doors, windows, furniture, 'Al-Barma' chairs, mouse traps, censers and 'al-marazim' (gutters made of palm tree trunks).
The Hdyia, made of gifts that men carry in Taifurs (traditional plates with cone-shaped lids) with censers, henna (flowering plant), gum Arabic and sandalwood, is the most important event of the Moroccan traditional wedding.
Among them are 11 wooden cases for the Torah, Judaism's holy book, four censers bearing Hebrew inscriptions, a silver crown decorated with stars of David and a silver knife, it said.
Censers were used on various occasions; ancient folks burned incense as prayers and tributes to Heaven and the deities as well as to purify the interior environment and calm the mind.
But if this is true, then all churches in Christendom would have been outfitted with swinging censers during the Middle Ages.
The Chinese are known to have used incense since Neolithic times and the Han dynasty were producing elaborate bronze censers shaped like mountains with piercings that allowed the smoke to escape and swirl up around the mini mountain like clouds.
He is separated from them by the greed of his cronies, the censers of his advisers, the praise of his sycophants, and the poems of the corrupt and the venal around him, as well as the reports of the security services, drafted by allegiance and by the lies of the torturers and executioners.
They blew the ashes from the censers upon each other's faces and heads, and instead of the proper liturgy chanted confused gibberish'.
Awls of cactus needles, whorls of potshards, censers and palettes of stone remain.
If this poetry may be labeled as Anglican, it is a poetry of both high and low church: "The strange church smelled a bit 'high', of censers and / polish.