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a container for burning incense (especially one that is swung on a chain in a religious ritual)

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Although a basic utilitarian form, their occasional usage as censers is clear (FIGURE 3).
is common practice, as well as syllogisms such as: stairway shrines have frontal masks, censers have frontal masks, therefore stairway shrines are censers.
incense offered with cereal offerings, incense offered on censers, incense offered on the incense altar) are to be related developmentally, i.
Altar boys in black cassocks and white surplices carry in the censers and candles and cross; three priests with folded hands wear birettas and green and gold brocade chasubles.
Ministers poured in, carrying their files and censers.
The stepped design is traditional in Central Asia, where it is found on the painted ceramics from Namazga IV times and on carved stone beads, censers and discs from Namazga IV levels of Ulug depe.
Every church, from magnificent urban cathedrals to modest country chapels, required ritual objects such as silver chalices, candlesticks, and censers, as well as elaborately wrought altarpieces, gilded and embellished with paintings and sculptures depicting divinity, the Virgin Mary, and saints.
Like these arabesque censers, my spirit is writhing in fire, and the delirium of this scene is fashioning me for wilder visions of that land of real dreams whither I am now rapidly departing.
60) The deacons held censers, the subdeacons and deaconesses held manoualia, (61) and the myrophoroi each carried a triskelion.
Jingling censers of pungent incense sweeten the air as the droning chant of morning prayers reverberates throughout the hall.
This annual rite retired old censers made of clay in various effigy figures and replaced them with those newly made.
In addition to the large quantity of householdware, there were also objects designated as chalices, censers, braziers, footbaths, "cup and saucer" lamps, baking trays, rattles, and many figurines.
The Kremlin's Dormition Cathedral (Figure 1), Easter Sunday, 1899: priests sing, icons glitter, censers swing.