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a member of a religious order living in common


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2) Above, Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and Female Cenobite (Barbie Wilde) from "Hellbound: Hellraiser II.
In terms of ascetic textuality, the cenobitic text (like the cenobite itself) cannot be represented in an individualized manner; as Harpham remarks, to be a cenobite "was to copy, one among many, of a manuscript," to be "a second-order imitation" (43).
She whispered it when the Cenobites would come and it's what she would say while playing her game.
The mentally unbalanced Kirsty, played by Ashley Laurence, is confined to a mental hospital after her experiences - including seeing the gruesome death of her father - in the hellish domain of the Cenobites.
Forty years before the appearance of the foundational texts of early modern radical demonology--the Formicarius by Johannes Nider; the anonymous Errores Gazariorum; and Ut magorum et maleficiorum by Claude Tholosan (118)--the narration of Jean le Graveur presents a demon that mimics the tenacious opponent of the hermits and cenobites of the first millennium.
The result perhaps lacks the psychological individuality expected from operatic characters, yet instead offers the one memorable image after the other--including eerie processions of cenobites and nuns (remember Meyerbeer's Robert le Diable).
Por lo que se refiere a los monjes, ordena que se sometan bien a la regla de San Benito, bien a la de San Isidoro (23), ha biendo ya legislando ambas con anterioridad respecto a la conducta sexual de los cenobites (24).
While the Cenobites were subjected to the authority of a patriarch, the Idiorrhythmics were not.
92) This claim is framed in legislative form as: (13) 'Am I not content to be the apostolic teacher and chief leader for all the tribes of the Irish, especially as I retain my own tax rightly to be rendered, and this is given me even by the Most High as a truly fitting due all over the free churches of the provinces, and this right is decreed likewise to all monasteries of cenobites without any doubt in favour of the ruler of Armagh forever?
5) "Le statut canonique des ermites benedictins du Moyen Age: il s'est toujours trouve de ces vocations, exceptionnelles, mais normales ; extraordinaires et relativement rares, malgre leur nombre, par rapport a celui des cenobites, elles sont cependant le fruit, elles etaient alors la fierte, de l'institution cenobitique ou elles avaient mim.
Everyone loves a puzzle, except when they are in the form of a Chinese puzzle box which brings forth the Cenobites, a trio of S&M demons to rip you to shreds and take you to hell.
There she meets the sado-masochistic Cenobites, led by Pinhead, whose greatest pleasure is your greatest pain.
By contrast, cenobites saw an opportunity for mutual spiritual growth within the cloistered community, a vision of God in neighbor that had deep resonances in scripture and in the ancient pagan belief in the social character of human nature.
deans, subdeans, rural deans, abdals, charm-sellers, archdeacons, hierarchs, class-leaders, incumbents, capitulars, sheiks, talapoins, postulants, scribes, gooroos, precentors, beadles, fakeers, sextons, reverences, revivalists, cenobites, perpetual curates, chaplains, mudjoes, readers, novices, vicars, .