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a specialized bony substance covering the root of a tooth

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In a study by Holland et al results concluded that after 30 days of placing MTA in non-contaminated perforation area, there is evidence of deposition of newly formed cementum, thereby leading to formation of biological seal plus after 6 months follow up complete absence of inflammatory cells.
PDLSC grafted into athymic rodents accrete cementum and structures similar to the periodontium [31].
new periodontal ligament (NPL), new cementum (NC) interspersed with connective tissue fibers, and new alveolar bone) lost due to tooth injury or periodontal disease.
It is also known as a biocompatible material that may induce cementum formation around perforations and MTA.
1997, Binder and Van Valkenburgh 2010), and cementum line counts obtained through tooth sectioning (Klevezal and Kleinenberg 1967, Matson 1981).
3,5,9,21,22) Alterations of the tooth surface are directly related to the amount of pressure applied by an instrument--less pressure, less cementum removed.
1 = Most part of failure occurs at the cementum metal interface: adhesive failure.
A normal tooth is made up of four tissues: Enamel, which is the strong white covering that protects the tooth; dentin, which supports the enamel and is a hard yellow material that carries nerves; pulp, which is at the center of the tooth and contains blood and lymph vessels; and cementum, which covers the root of the tooth," said Sabine.
Another example is the following: "The cementum is a hard, bonelike structure that covers the roots of the teeth and cements' to the dentin of the root.
Our objective was to compare aging techniques (gum-line measurement and cementum annuli analysis) for Cougars (Puma concolor) using harvest data collected during 2006-2010 in Oregon.
Lesions that contain greater amounts of cementum may contain additional irregular radiopaque or radiolucent areas.
The sequelae of root fractures can be complex because of the combined damage to the pulp, dentine, cementum, bone and periodontal ligament.
They are made of three calcified tissues, enamel, dentin and cementum.
The disease subsequently destroys periodontal structures including cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.