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to distinguish cementifying fibromas from ossifying fibromas and fibrous dysplasias by using immunohistochemical analysis for keratan sulfate and chondroitin-4-sulfate, in which the cementifying fibromas showed significant immuno-reactivity for keratan sulfate, and ossifying fibromas and fibrous dysplasias showed intensive immunostaining for chondroitin-4-sulfate.
Other terms used to describe this lesion include peripheral cementifying fibroma pe- ripheral fibroma with calcifications calcified or ossified fibrous epulis and calcified fibroblatic granuloma.2 All terminologies are appropriate for the tumour as they might contain a variety of calcified material.It has also been reported that it represents a maturation of a pre existing pyogenic granuloma or peripheral giant cell granuloma.3
The others include periapical cementosseous dysplasis, cementifying fibroma and gigantiform familial cementoma.