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a machine with a large revolving drum in which cement is mixed with other materials to make concrete

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BEIRUT: A road adjacent to a highway south of Beirut became congested with traffic Monday morning when several truck drivers parked their cement mixers on the side of the road.
To calculate the market size, Technavio considers the revenue generated from the total consumption of cement mixers globally.
Italy's Lino Sella has unveiled a new cement mixer that can be disassembled and packed up in a lowly cardboard box - enabling users to reduce the mixer's required storage and transport space by 40%.
Can the streetsmart Manilan imagine a cement mixer grinding and grunting its way along the Champs Elysees in Paris at any time of day?
MISSING: Aidan Weir, front, manager of the Micromix RM Depot at Bradley Mills, and drivers, Paul Carter and Pat Brown (right) with a cement mixers similar to the two stolen from the depot
The first Cuban-made cement mixer has been assembled at the SOMEC plant belonging to the Construction Ministry, in the province of Cienfuegos.
Al Ain: Careless drivers of trucks and cement mixers will face heavy penalties for dumping waste material at roadsides, public places, and other non-designated areas in the city.
THIEVES who stole eight cement mixers from a landscaping business are being hunted by police.
The BioZyme Wash-Down station is built to be ideal for jet-wash cleaning roadside equipment, cultivators, cement mixers and industrial machinery that fit on 2.
As I write, the cement mixers are whirling a round.
Applications include backhoe loaders, dump trucks, crop sprayers, baggage handling equipment, and cement mixers.
Bell was an eccentric man who collected and completely filled every inch of the four buildings and lot with everything from bicycle and auto parts to cement mixers, doors, windows, and lumber.
Juggernauts, tankers, cement mixers and other heavy lorries snaked along routes at a snail's pace in more than a dozen regions, including roads around Rome and Milan.
She had to park down the street because cement mixers were blocking the driveway.
How inspiring it is to enter a glamorous edifice called "The Cement Mixers Union Dot Com Stadium" or the "76ers First Union Center Arena.