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a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity

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After evisceration of the celomic cavity, the left testicle was assessed because endoscopy also visualizes the left testicle.
Pericardial celomic cysts and pericardial diverticula; a concept of etiology and report of cases.
After obtaining body weight (g) and standard length (cm), the immediate opening of the celomic cavity was performed to remove their digestive organs.
The mechanism that allows a group of cells derived from the neural crests to migrate in the upper region of the kidney, such as adrenal medulla, is unclear; other cells developing from the celomic epithelium will completely surround the medulla, such as adrenal cortex.
This involves the fusion of adjacent celomic surfaces, during which the two organs are brought into close apposition, and fusion of the two is not inconceivable.