cellulose xanthate

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a cellulose ester obtained by treating cellulose with caustic soda

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0.75 ml of purified CS2 was added followed by 1.5 ml NaOH (17.5%) after 2 min the flask was lightly covered and occasionally light hand-shaking every 15 min during the time of formed cellulose xanthate (1hr.at 30C) (30 %) (vol/vol) was added followed by 0.75 ml vinyl monomer.
Grafting polymerization of cellulose xanthate of kenaf cellulose was flow up usually by the change of uCO anduOH of the end products.
On grafting 1-vinyl-3-anisylidine-2- pyrrolidinone (VAP) on cellulose xanthate three peaks are appeared at retention times 1.33 1.53 and 1.82 in the ratio 1:0.11: 0.03.