cellulose nitrate

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Cellulose nitrate was first discovered in the 1840s and was developed under various names such as parkesine, xylonite and ivoride, as well as celluloid.
Originally, glass plates were used as a substrate, but during WWI were replaced first with cellulose nitrate and later with a cellulose triacetate base.
4) Lacquering with a cellulose nitrate lacquer (three coats).
Diethylene glycol distearate, isopropyl myristate, and isopropyl palmitate are generally compatible with cellulose nitrate and ethyl cellulose.
The cellulose nitrate films - one of which was made in 1899, just years after moving pictures were invented - were the property of Mr Adcock's father Fred, a research engineer for Courtaulds.
A semi-synthetic thermoplastic material based on cellulose nitrate, Parkestine could be chemically modified to be hard yet flexible, or soft and rubberlike--essentially providing a foundation for the plastics industry that followed.
A "cel" is a sheet of cellulose nitrate or acetate on which an animator paints a cartoon figure or scene.