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Bedford, MA Regenerated cellulose Centricon YM-10 Millipore Regenerated cellulose Centricon YM-3 Millipore Regenerated cellulose Centri/por[R] Spectrum Europe BV, Breda, Cellulose ester The Netherlands Ultrafree[R]-4 (Biomax 5) Millipore Polysulfone Omega Microsep 1/Pall Gelman Sciences Polyethersulfone Omega Microsep 3/Pall Gelman Sciences Polyethersulfone Molecular cutoff, Maximum Maximum g Name/Manufacturer x1000 volume Visking tubing 8/32 Medicell International Ltd.
Figure 8 illustrates that the two clearcoats containing cellulose ester lost more weight than the control clearcoat for each given time.
HTI developed the novel membrane by employing specialty cellulose ester materials produced by Eastman Chemical Company.
The Solus[TM] line of additives from Eastman Chemical Company is a new rendition of its naturally derived cellulose ester technology.
A variety of raw materials such as cotton, recycled paper, wood cellulose, and sugarcane are used in making cellulose ester biopolymers in powder form.
The new technical tip, CMCAB Cellulose Ester Solutions and Dispersions-NA (TT-22), covers updated optimized processes for solutions and dispersions in addition to discussing how various solvent blends can be used to reduce HAP content in aqueous organic solutions of CMCAB cellulose esters.
However, the lower molecular weight grades are more efficient and a much lower level is required to achieve the same effect such that 1% of a cellulose ester butyrate at the low-to-medium molecular weight range is as effective as 3% at the high molecular weight.
as well as ester concentration and type, can have a dramatic effect on the mechanical properties of the cellulose ester.
Other topics included nanoparticle dispersions, paint application, filtration in pretreatment, elastomeric coatings, weathering instrumentation, and waterborne cellulose ester technology.
Entitled CMCAB Cellulose Ester Solutions and Dispersions--NA (TT-22), the technical tip is available in the CMCAB product section's information center on Eastman's website: www.
Wilson: Our cellulose esters are a very important portfolio of products for the printing inks market.
It contains abrasive cleaning particles comprised of a biodegradable thermoplastic material selected from the group consisting of biodegradable petroleum-based polyesters, thermoplastic starch, cellulose esters, and mixtures thereof (said biodegradable petroleum-based polyesters selected from the group consisting of polyesteramide, aliphatic copolyesters, aromatic copolyesters, and mixtures thereof); one or more surfactants selected from the group consisting of anionic, nonionic, cationic, amphoteric and mixtures thereof; and a first acidic component that consists of one or more chelating acids.
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