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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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While FDA said in the talk paper that there are simple precautions that concerned consumers can take to avoid even potential risks, we see no scientific basis for any changes in how consumers are using cellular phones so long as they follow directions for proper use.
In addition, Motorola, the world's largest producer of cellular telephones and the exclusive supplier of cellular phones for Centel Cellular, has established a new customer information hotline designed to assist customer inquiries on the safety of cellular phones.
The company was the first to provide cellular phone service in the tunnels of Pittsburgh, a plus for cellular phone users.
Motorola's latest personal phone is manufactured with the same quality, performance and durability for which all other Motorola cellular phones are known.
Mobile Direct service provides users with a virtual extension of their office telecommunications into the mobile environment, enabling their cellular phones to behave much like PBX or Centrex extensions.
We're trying to teach young drivers that a cellular phone is a valuable tool that could save lives if they use it properly.
We expect that our business travelers who need to keep in touch with colleagues will especially appreciate the convenience of using cellular phones.
The Calypso's C1250i mobile cellular phone, which runs on Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) PXA series application processor and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) WinCE 5.
The patent has also given Calypso the rights to offer license agreements to major mobile and ISP carriers as well as to cellular phone manufacturers and OEM's.
0 platform SIP Client on Calypso C1250i WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone, mobile subscriber will be able to save money on local or long distance call interconnecting with Skype (NASDAQ: EBAY) for its long distance call," also says Campuzano.
As a reminder to participants that the cellular phone needs to be recharged on a monthly basis, they are instructed to recharge the cell phone overnight at the same time they pay a monthly bill, such as rent or the electric or telephone bill.
The cellular phone market has expanded rapidly worldwide; Cellular phones now provide new value-added applications such as mobile banking and ticket reservations.
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic subjected 980 patients with pacemakers to more than 5,500 tests, using a variety of cellular phone models.
The team had these people use a variety of cellular phone models in more than 5,500 tests.
In her haste, she leaves her portable cellular phone on the front seat of her unlocked car.
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