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Under a three-year contract won in open tender during the first quarter of CSC fiscal year 2013, CSC's Healthcare Group will replace a Radius system for cellular pathology with its current laboratory solution.
The new Cellular Pathology National Archive Secure Storage system (CellNass) is designed for hospitals running out of storage space for microscope slides, clinical trial documents and other material requiring secure and confidential storage and safe retrieval.
While Virchow, in Germany, was developing the new science of cellular pathology, Louis Pasteur, in France, was developing the new science of bacteriology.
Address correspondence to this author at: Department of Cellular Pathology and Genetics, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 1413 Research Blvd.
The German pathologist Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902) published the results of his studies of diseased tissues in a book called Cellular Pathology in 1858.
He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen in London and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cellular Pathology and Molecular Pathology from Bristol University (UK).
The provision of a service maintenance contract for the peloris ii dual retort rapid tissue processors used within cellular pathology at the hull & east yorkshire hospitals nhs trust.
e sta at the Children's Kidney Centre, the Cellular Pathology Department and the Finance Oce at the University Hospital Wales will also be getting involved by running the race again this year.
This ability to observe submicroscopic organelles marked the birth of ultrastructural cellular pathology.
John Basham, department manager for cellular pathology, said: "Traditionally we have relied on written descriptions of samples received in the department to record findings at dissection.
The Newtown-based company, which employs 35 people manufacturing cellular pathology products, donated glass slide jars with lids, and diamond pencils to mark the slides.
Cellular pathology products specialists CellPath has invested pounds 1m in a new cellular pathology national archive secure storage (CellNass) service.
Taubenberger, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Department of Cellular Pathology and Genetics, 1413 Research Blvd.
Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust has become one of the first trusts to adopt CSC's (NYSE: CSC) next-generation laboratory solution under a project to overhaul cellular pathology services across the new organization, formed by the merger of acute and community services in Lewisham.
description of the procurement: A supplier day is being organised to explore the benefits of a single lims or best of breed solution per pathology discipline for blood sciences, Blood transfusion, Cellular pathology and microbiology.
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