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Synonyms for infiltration

a process in which individuals (or small groups) penetrate an area (especially the military penetration of enemy positions without detection)

the slow passage of a liquid through a filtering medium


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In contrast, kidney grafts in untreated recipients demonstrated severe rejection after 35 days, characterized by cellular infiltration, interstitial hemorrhage and edema, and glomerular and tubular necrosis, as well as high antidonor antibody titers.
A punch biopsy from lesions on the forearms revealed prominent edema on the upper dermis and intense cellular infiltration, and predominantly lymphocytes, polymorphonuclear neutrophils and leucocytoclasis on the perivascular areas.
Patchy cellular infiltration was found throughout the spinal cord, without a predilection for the anterior-horn.
Some of the key measurements include: respiratory rate, pulse oximetry for SpO2 values and histological examination (special stains will be used to determine presence and degree of fibrosis, alveolar space, cellular infiltration and oxidative damage).
The results of these studies demonstrate that Panzem(R) is a DMARD (disease modifying antirheumatic drug) that inhibits the principal symptoms of the disease, including cartilage lesions, bone resorption, cellular infiltration, and pannus formation.
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