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  • noun

Synonyms for immunity

resistance to


  • resistance to
  • protection from
  • resilience to
  • inoculation against
  • immunization from


  • exposure to
  • susceptibility to
  • liability to
  • vulnerability to
  • openness to
  • proneness to

Synonyms for immunity

Synonyms for immunity

the state of not being susceptible

(medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease

the quality of being unaffected by something

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Participant variables, including age, participation in other (or any) outdoor activities, and residential zip code, were assessed by logistic regression, and did not correlate with conversion of cellular immunity (data not shown).
29-31) Despite the confusion added by the name, the ER-b discovery opened a whole new area of our understanding on cellular immunity and the complex relationship between the ER-a and the ER-beta receptor sites.
Seasonal vaccine administration may enhance the frequency of reactive CD4 T cells, boosting the cross-subtype cellular immunity against avian influenza (H5N1).
However, cellular immunity by itself cannot clear most HIV infections.
Stanberry, the site of infection in women is at mucous membranes, and the vaccine could be inducing a cellular immunity that acts well at this site.
The patent also describes the enhancement of cellular immunity, involving T-lymphocytes, by combining the vaccine preparations with T-cell stimulants, such as interleukin-2 and gamma-interferon.
Although a minority of the patients responded in this manner, Freedman says enhanced cellular immunity and IL-2 levels following injection suggest that oncolysates might be used to augment other therapies.
Brief situational stressors (such as examinations) tended to suppress cellular immunity while preserving humoral immunity.
Washington, May 11 (ANI): Researchers at the Trudeau Institute, New York, have identified two key signalling components that may help enhance cellular immunity against influenza virus.
eBioscience provides innovative high quality reagents to academic and government researchers and pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide that empower the process of scientific discovery in the areas of stem cell biology, cellular immunity and oncology.
Although loss of cellular immunity is thought to play a role in infection by the pathogen, whether HIV infection is also a risk factor for invasive amebiasis is controversial (1-3).
In August 2006, at the "Novel Vaccines: Bridging Research, Development and Production" conference in Cambridge, MA, Dynavax presented data that showed both its flu vaccine's ability to confer cross-protective cellular immunity against widely divergent flu strains in mice and its potential as a universal flu vaccine.
Statins, widely used as lipid-lowering agents, also exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and can improve endothelial function and modulate cellular immunity, all of which may help ward off the severe effects of sepsis, the authors wrote.
15] Patients also showed unexplained weakness in their immune responses, with a consistent pattern of defects in their cellular immunity.
LANDAY: When we talk about cellular immunity, we have to understand who the players are in this cellular immune response.
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