cellular division

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the process in reproduction and growth by which a cell divides to form daughter cells

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The idea of nuclear instability goes beyond this and proposes an early generalization of this instability: Instability would be the cause, not the effect, of genetic modifications necessary to cellular transformation and would be expressed progressively through increasing cellular division (17).
1b, where the bold lines with filled circles represent the heat diffusion grid and the cellular division of the part is shown by fine lines.
The MTS cellular division, which currently serves 100,000 customers in this province, is way behind Cantel in offering digital cellular service to Manitoban's.
The facility would provide for paging, and cellular and messaging service, said Jon Morris, real estate manager for the Cellular Division of AT&T Wireless Services.
AUDIOVOX: The cellular division of this company displayed the MVX-440 and MVX-470 cellphones, both available in May.
The cellular division has been the fastest-growing the last couple of years.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Unilava Corporation ("Unilava") (OTCBB: UNLA), a provider of diverse communication products and services with a mission to enhance everyday communication practices for business and residential customers, today announced the launch of a new monthly prepaid plan for the company's cellular division, offering Nationwide Unlimited Talk & Text for $50 per month and includes inbound/ outbound International text messaging.
Insulin like growth factor 1 supports cellular division and growth in organs and muscle cells.
In 1995, he returned to SA as CEO of Cellular Division of Radiospoor Group.
Experts in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University say that the study has also shown that chlorophyllin kills cancer cells by blocking the same phase of cellular division that hydroxyurea does, but by a different mechanism.
Activetelecom is the corporate cellular division of Fone Logistics, a leading North-East business operating within the mobile telecommunications environment.
And within each work the same figure could appear on more than one screen simultaneously, as though propagating identically through something like cellular division.
Pacific Telesis Group, Ma Bell's San Francisco-based child of divestiture, spun off its cellular division last year into a separate operation, AirTouch Communications.
Following this, he became the second employee of PageNet/CellNet and vice president of Engineering for the cellular division, where he and his teams designed more than 135 cellular network systems including San Francisco, and filed them with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
With heavy start-up costs, the cellular division actually lost money until 1989 and remained fairly sluggish until 1991, when it busted through to post $8.