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We are happy to have been informed of a tick of approval for use with some of the major cellular companies, and we are working to launch a limited beta test version as we wait to see if we obtain approval for two final cellular carriers," said Paul Medvedev, Tubearoo's President and CEO.
The company is launching this service through a third-party provider, enabling Tubearoo to provide this service without any direct relationship with the underlying cellular carriers.
The company noted that time of availability, subscription benefits, compatibility with cellular carriers, and pricing and payment structure are subject to change.
It includes a detailed analysis of WiMAX drivers and challenges, and the potential responses by cellular carriers.
Cellular carriers realize that subscribers won't buy songs and applications if they have no place to store them on their handsets.
Being able to offer top quality content is a key component for cellular carriers to attract and retain new subscribers in this competitive market," says Kelly Konzelman, Executive Vice President of iMedia International.
For this initial product demonstration, Franc Telecom's Jai Doonpandit has assembled representatives from a combination of cellular carriers and some of the largest electronics retailers in the U.
Zeosoft's mobility solutions offers broad scale enablement for companies, solution provides, individuals and cellular carriers.
For cellular carriers, Zeosoft's mobility products can increase their current cellular data market reach by a factor of 80, by selling cellular data services and applications to any non-cellular device (PDA, laptop or desktop) without changing their current infrastructure.
Technology that offers a better way for companies and solution providers to build and deploy customized wireless applications, for cellular carriers to increase their current market reach and for individuals to interact with their mobile devices to meet their specific needs and preferences," said Mike Huestis, president and CTO of Zeosoft Technology Group.
Second, since cellular carriers aren't experts in VoIP, they need to find quality companies to partner with to handle the VoIP technology.