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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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Each year, more people get injured because of texting, talking or listening to music while on their cellphones, unmindful of their surroundings.
You called out media outlets for claiming to poll both cellphone and landline users at a 50/50 rate, but in reality using mostly landline numbers.
"Money may get you theater tickets and your state of the art cellphone, but it can't buy you class."
Police seized from Mambiar two cellphones and a homemade 9mm revolver with three bullets in the cylinder.
The victim initially refused to hand over her cellphone, but Gilhang pulled out a box cutter and threatened to slash the victim, which prompted her to surrender her phone.
At the same time, drivers were less likely to be seen simply holding a cellphone or talking on a hand-held phone than in the prior survey.
The journalist whose cellphone was snatched by Shahid Masood had also filed a case at Ramna Police Station in the capital city.
Similarly in Kamoke Saddr area, Amir was deprived of Rs200,000, gold rings and cellphones at gunpoint; in Ladhewala Warriach, bandits snatched Rs160,000, a cellphone and gold ornaments from Tahir; in Alipur Chattha, three armed men entered the house of Sadaqat and looted Rs900,000, 27 tolas gold ornaments, a laptop and cellphonoes; in Ghakkar Mandi, robbers snatched Rs52,000 and cellphones from Rashid.
The two most significant findings: Male rats bombarded with high doses of cellphone radiation had a higher risk of a type of rare cancer called a schwannoma in the nerves surrounding the heart.
The problem is compounded by the fact that the public often is not aware of the existence of cellphone bans.
United States border authorities must have individualized, reasonable suspicion - but not a warrant - in order to forensically search a cellphone, the 4th U.S.
People in the country, especially the youth, are going through cellphone addiction - a compulsion to use one's cellphone 24/7.
The findings add to years of research meant to help settle the debate over whether cellphone radiation is harmful.
A16-122 In re MacDonald (Original Jurisdiction) http://mncourts.gov/mncourtsgov/media/Appellate/Supreme%20Court/Standard%20Opinions/OPA16122-01171.pdf     Criminal Opinions   Privilege Against Self-Incrimination Testimonial Communications The police lawfully seized a cellphone from appellant, a burglary suspect, and attempted to execute a valid warrant to search the cellphone.