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a transparent paperlike product that is impervious to moisture and used to wrap candy or cigarettes etc

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The passenger does not have to pay for a second cellophane wrapping should TSA officials have to cut open the plastic to inspect a bag.
Add color by cutting colored cellophane to fit each cut of the window.
Bergman says that the biscuits, sold in loosely tied cellophane bags, are so delicate and breakable that they're difficult to package, yet in heavy demand.
Shizue was found dead Sunday morning in a cemetery in Yokkaichi and Nobuyuki's body was found in a parked car on a forest road Monday, with his hands and feet bound and his head wrapped in cellophane.
UCB, the Belgium-based group, has acquired the cellophane business from the Mexican company, Cydsa, representing a turnover of approximately $40 million.
Just what you need: 360 calories and half a day's artery-clogging fat wrapped in cellophane.
What happens when you put two pieces of cellophane on one flashlight?
One trick designers can use is to view their sites through yellow cellophane to get a better idea of how the colors they choose will look to older eyes.
Several composites of PPy with PVC (2), PAN (3), PVA (4), P (VDF-TrFE) (5), P (EVA-VC) (5), Br-PVK (6), polyether-, polyester (7), polyurethane (8), nylon-6 (9), (10) Nafion (11), and cellophane (12) have been reported.
Mr Jacobs wrapped his treasure in cellophane and put in a cupboard thinking "it might be worth something in 100 years".
Cat eyes skim the minister's iron gate tap the cellophane mesh of knuckle and honey.
Because candy is a "semi-perishable product," the Morins wrap it in individual pieces of cellophane.
Art supply, stationery, and crafts stores sell the 2-foot-wide cellophane for about $5 per yard (enough for at least six ornaments).
Because all green onion products arrive to us in sealed cellophane bags inside sealed corrugated boxes, we have felt from the beginning it was highly improbable that McLane caused or contributed to any E.
If your mum has green fingers, simply arrange some garden essentials into a hamper and wrap with cellophane.