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a large stringed instrument

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com/2018/02/protestor-claims-victory-airline-cancels-cello-fee/) told Slipped Disc he is happy about the airlines' updated policy regarding cellos on airplanes.
Cello Fury's performance is part of "Word & Note: The Divine Arts of Knowledge and Exaltation," an annual event at Plymouth featuring nationally known author-theologians and musicians.
She also learned the cello so that he would always have someone to practice with-all these on top of founding start-ups and homeschooling her sons.
Cello senses Piccolo is favored, but I want to get them to a point where they like each other enough so they both could sleep on the bed.
The post Cello meets the piano appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The cello, its lacquer glistening, stands almost to Brandon's chin.
Specialist stringed instrument auctioneer Amati had expected the cello, made by Thomas Perry of Dublin around 1800, to reach between PS4,000 and PS6,000 and was delighted when it reached PS6,200 after several hours of bidding from potential buyers around the world.
Cello Aviation was founded in 2010 and has become established in the European VIP charter sector whilst broadening its portfolio to take on sub charter flying in support of other carriers, including British Airways, Cityflyer and Flybe.
Promedica will form part of Cello Health, and will work closely with Cello Health Insight in London, New York and Chicago to continue the development of the offer to the number of global clients of Cello Health.
The Little Bear Who Wanted to Play the Cello and Others
Mstislav Rostropovich - cello, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Alexandr Gauk, Kirill Kondrashin, Yevgeny Svetlanov - conductors.
Cello Capital Management Llc, a Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) investment manager, has announced the addition of Nicholas Letica as a managing director and senior portfolio manager.
IT WAS when Julian Lloyd Webber started looking for a project he could do with wife Jiaxin that he realised the composing world was lacking in duets for their chosen instrument, the cello.
Maisky, while talking to Qatar Tribune, gave an elaborate account of how he fell in love with this o[umlaut]old lady' which is how he affectionately calls his cello.
HOW did a big hairy prop - his description not mine - come to have a love of classical music and study the cello at the Zimbabwe Academy of Music?