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a large stringed instrument

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In Lilja's upcoming solo album Morphosis, the master of the electric cello utilizes a wide spectrum of analog and digital effects to build strong identities for the sounds originating from the cello.
Stream TV's 3D-without-glasses viewing experience is amazing," said Brian Palmer, Cello CEO.
The result is A Tale of Two Cellos - a CD and now a live tour, coming to Liverpool, of music adapted for the most vocally human of instruments.
According to Maisky the owner of the cello told him, oeIf one day he (the owner) has to part with the instrument, he would not like to sell it to a dealer or an orchestra musician but rather to someone who is as gifted and young soloist like him (Maisky) Ci.
You need energy and tons of practice but, yes, I do like the cello and I know that might be a novelty for a rugby player.
The waiting line generally was longest for the violin, but of all the instruments there, cello might have been the most awkward fit for many youngsters, even the child-sized cello being supervised by Stacer McChesney, a UO junior studying music.
The who's who of the cello section begins on the bottom step of the picture above which was taken at Huddersfield Town Hall.
It's usually checked in as Miss A Cello, or Cello Jenkinson.
The Cello Sonata is perhaps a touch more bizarre than the Concerto because it was written in response to Stalin's dictate for "Socialist Realism," whatever that meant.
The instruments, along with two cello cases and two bows, were taken in a raid on the music department at the college in Llantwit Major between May 14 and May 17.
Lloyd Webber plays the Barjansky Stra-divarius cello of circa 1690 - and he'll bring it next month when he heads for Llandudno's Venue Cymru to perform Elgar's Cello Concerto with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to mark the 150th anniversary of Elgar's birth (1857-1934).
Cello players and classical music enthusiasts will relish this affectionate survey.
The Classical Hour at Steinway Hall: Kristina Reiko Cooper, Cello & John Novacek, Piano (HL00331680, 64 min.
Music always plays an important part in the conferences in Caux--violin, guitar, piano, flute, cello.