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a division of a prison (usually consisting of several cells)

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Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a lost world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers.
After killing some of the zombies that were within the gates of the prison, the crew moves into one of the cellblocks.
About two minutes after Haver stopped the beating of his own accord, the metal cellblock door was unlocked.
In the school's courtyard, a large compound comprised of different cellblocks is used to train students.
I was in the laundry when I heard these rumours - just cellblock rumours, mind - going around that this guy had raped boys in a young offender institution.
Brodie agrees to help and Frank enlists the services of bruiser Lenny (Joseph Fiennes), resident drug dealer Viv (Jorge) and new kid on the cellblock Lacey (Dominic Cooper) to ensure the group stays under the radar of effete top dog Rizza (Damian Lewis) and his goons.
He was content to spend the rest of his days behind bars until he learns that his 20-year-old daughter is a junkie and plans the break-out with trusted friend Brodie (Cunningham), bruiser Lenny (Fiennes), resident drug dealer Viv (Jorge) and new kid on the cellblock Lacey (Cooper)
As part of the aggressive efforts to eradicate the contraband, sheriff's officials have doubled the number of cellblock sweeps and plan to enlist the help of college chemists, brewmasters and vintners to test its potency and effects.
In fact, they estimated that a third of the inmates praised the attacks, and their cheers could be heard in cellblock after cellblock," Saathoff said.
BILL JAMES, on Maury Wills: "Letting him manage in the major leagues is like sending Bo Derek through cellblock A without a bodyguard.
On May 18, a detainee pretended to commit suicide to lure guards into a cellblock, where they were attacked by prisoners armed with makeshift weapons, the military claimed.
Guatemalan officials said they planned to transfer Abadio Carrillo to the Pavoncito prison, where he will join his father in a cellblock reserved for corrupt officials.
Yesterday's armed fight came inside a cellblock housing 400 of the most dangerous prisoners doing time at the Honduras National Penitentiary, where at least 27 inmates were murdered in 2005, most by their cellmates.
The obvious suspects were the very small cohort of prison staff and inmates who had access to Trentadue's cellblock during the very limited time period when he died.
With some 660 prisoners, this is reputed to be the world's largest cellblock.