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a division of a prison (usually consisting of several cells)

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The incident took place in the town of Acarigua in a municipal police cellblock in the central state of Portuguesa.
Morais also attested that both his attorney and the interpreter were present in the cellblock when he signed the waiver form.
Immunohistochemical staining of the sections prepared from the cellblocks was done.9 A labeled antibody is used to identify the antigen of interest in tissue sections.
To examine the behavioral effects of this content viewing, inmate disciplinary referrals (DRs) for violent infractions of inmates on the cellblock side with videos versus the side without videos were tallied from prison records and statistically compared using methods described in a research brief from the Oregon Youth Authority.
Order your tickets from www.boulevardnewcastle.co.uk Theatre Royal Created by the musical theatre talents of John Kander, Fred Ebb and legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, Chicago's sexy, sassy score includes All That Jazz, Cellblock Tango and Razzle Dazzle.
Lunch is always from noon to 1 p.m., and we can take it to the yard below the cellblock, where we can eat and visit until the 3 p.m.
|It was Luke's X-Wing callsign in the Battle of Hoth |It was the galactic map co-ordinates for Dagobah |It was Princess Leia's cellblock number in Episode IV: A New Hope 9 Which one of these British actors has a cameo in The Force Awakens?
One part subjected to conventional smear and staining and the remaining fluid was subjected to cellblock technique.
The tools remain on a cellblock and are used only in prisons with single solitary confinement cells.
Obama said he wanted to talk about proposals "in the community, in the courtroom, and in the cellblock" but was built upon a basic thesis, that the American criminal justice system "is not as fair as it should be," and that "while the people in our prisons have made some mistakes, and sometimes big mistakes, they are also Americans."
Chapters include a cellblock called The Stones, breakouts and bandit gangs, the state takes over, those troublesome women, escape as a fine art, and hanged by the neck until dead.
Art Lecture Phyllis Kornfield, author of "Cellblock Visions: Prison Art in America,'' will speak about inmates' artistic transformation and exhibit some of their work, 5-6:30 p.m.
Hagerstown, MD, May 02, 2014 --(PR.com)-- According to playwright Jay Huling, the Sing Sing Correctional Facility, a New York landmark and active maximum security prison, once had a secret cellblock where inmates received massages, manicures, and were even treated to conjugal visits from the prison's warden.
Last week, according to reports from outside the country, more than 30 detainees were hurt, some seriously, when a cellblock in the prison was stormed by guards, along with forces from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Intelligence Ministry.
This atlas contains eight chapters by electrical engineering, cytotechnology, and pathology specialists from the US, who detail the history of the pap smear, its future, and the potential impact of automation and digitization in the field, and the new method of telePAPology, which uses automated cellblock preparations of liquid-based and conventional samples to produce virtual slides, and its integration with the Bethesda reporting system.