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some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something

a writing implement for making a mark

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5] exposure and lung function with cell-surface marker expression on circulating neutrophils in asthmatic children (Svendsen et al.
Ongoing experiments seek to find a cell-surface marker that might serve as a less damaging dye-binding site than the DNA itself.
In addition, analysis of immune cells of treated individuals provided a specific cell-surface marker profile and "gene expression signature" that characterized individuals who showed superior responses to treatment in terms of increased CD4+ T-cell counts.
1, is directed at a cell-surface marker known as "CD4" that appears on certain cells of the immune system.
20) Although melanoma has been reported in birds, including a case in a macaroni penguin, the neoplastic round cells in this case did not contain melanin granules nor did they label with an IHC cocktail for melanoma cell-surface markers designed for canine melanomas, (21) which has anecdotally labeled melanomas in other penguins.