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Synonyms for extract

Synonyms for extract

to remove from a fixed position

to collect (something) bit by bit

Synonyms for extract

a solution obtained by steeping or soaking a substance (usually in water)

get despite difficulties or obstacles

Related Words

deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning)

extract by the process of distillation

separate (a metal) from an ore

obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action

Related Words

take out of a literary work in order to cite or copy

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napus to different concentrations of cell-free extract, containing three variants of microcystin (MC-LR, MC-RR and MC-YR) for ten days at concentrations between 24 and 3000 mg [L.
Researchers detected Amase activity in cell-free extracts of Thermus thermophilus HB8.
14]C]citrulline into [Sigma]A + U by intact cells and on the activities of glutamine synthetase (GS) and carbamylphosphate synthetase (CPSase) in cell-free extracts of YFE leaves from salinized and control plants of both species.
The Program is also devoted to the development and application of powerful new imaging tools that permit such studies directly in living cells and functional cell-free extracts.
In crude extracts of yeast, the sterol 14[alpha]-demethylase is inhibited by flusilazole approximately 100 times more efficiently than in crude cell-free extracts from rat liver (Trzaskos and Henry 1989).
However, whole cells and cell-free extracts of lactococci do not produce the compound under simulated cheese conditions in the laboratory.
We inhibited the motor activity of myosin-II in cell-free extracts of clam (Spisula solidissima) oocytes with a function-blocking myosin-II-specific antibody to investigate the mechanism of movement of myosin-II to the contractile ring.