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Synonyms for transformation

Synonyms for transformation

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

Synonyms for transformation

(mathematics) a function that changes the position or direction of the axes of a coordinate system

a rule describing the conversion of one syntactic structure into another related syntactic structure

(genetics) modification of a cell or bacterium by the uptake and incorporation of exogenous DNA

the act of changing in form or shape or appearance

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sT-Ag, for example, which in SV40 and other PyVs contributes to cell transformation (27,29,33), had a predicted termination site within the LT-Ag intron in only 2/7 RacPyVs analyzed.
purpurea juice and its lyophilized residues were demonstrated to lack mutagenic potential and to not cause chromosomal aberration or cell transformation.
The diminished frequency of apoptotic ratios by cell transformation and tumorigenesis progress, with the exception of the case for C5-A8-T8 cells, is also an expected finding, considering the nature of the cell lines analyzed here and that Gene Ontology analysis has revealed enrichment of dysregulated genes in the apoptotic process in tumorigenic 17-[beta]-estradiol-transformed MCF-10F cells (Huang et al.
Electroporation is utilized for cell transformation applications, where plasmid DNA is used as the foreign matter to transform bacteria, yeast and plant protoplasts.
In addition to their potential to prevent cell transformation and promotion, some may slow metastasis by hindering angiogenesis, the proliferation of blood vessels that aid cancer cells in their invasion of healthy tissues.
On the positive side, this Lean cell transformation is allowing us to better support the warfighter by making better-quality products," said Barbara Wilson, an aircraft mechanical parts worker in the engine transformation office.
2,3,4) Stress reaction to GMF exposure leads to loss of sustainable state by the system and causes the system to search for new states that might be expressed in cell transformation.
Professor Lane, one of the world's most renowned cancer specialists and director of the Cancer Research UK Cell Transformation Research Group at the University of Dundee, wasted no time in opposing the plan.
He is a Gibb Fellow of the Cancer Research Council and Director of the CRC Cell Transformation Group.
The system performs automatic scoring of the SHE (Syrian Hamster Embryo) Cell Transformation Assay.
12] It is markedly cytotoxic, inducing cell transformation and lipid peroxidation in mammalian cells.
The future is clearly in molecular techniques that identify the unique products of early cell transformation.
When the organization schemas are loaded into the accepted change cell transformation is proceeding.
Yang of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and collaborators to study cell transformation by charged heavy particles in cultured mammalian cells.