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(biology) the theory that cells form the fundamental structural and functional units of all living organisms

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Weekly time allocation to learning activities in the Year 8 Science unit Week Lesson 1 Lesson 2 1 Introduction to cells Introduction to cells 2 Cell theory Cell theory 3 Cell theory Cell theory 4 Cell theory Cell theory 5 Research Research 6 Explicit teaching of Explicit teaching of writing writing 7 Drafting assignment Drafting assignment-- draft due 8 Drafts returned--revising Revision of drafts drafts 9 Final copies due 10 Reports due Table 3.
9] A few studies like Lax et al in 1994 [10] and Shiroko et al in 2000 [11] have reported that mixed MTC-PTC had arisen from a common stem cell, thus supporting the stem cell theory.
Schleiden's and Schwann's generalization that all living things are composed of identical units has become the cornerstone of cell theory.
Some researchers advocate the cancer stem cell theory, which puts forth the idea that cancer is caused by cancer stem cells that possess the same characteristics as stem cells.
In their study, similar TP53 point mutations in squamous cell carcinoma, basaloid squamous carcinoma, and sarcoma suggest these components are clonal, thereby supporting a pluripotential stem cell theory.
Back in the late 70s, Prof Kirkwood proposed the disposable soma cell theory.
More than this--their scientific results have on the contrary arisen new metaphysical questions as it can be made clear in three historical stages of the evolution of the 19th century life sciences: the cell theory, the materialism debate and the reception of Darwinism.
Ten years later, Lin still spends his days, and some nights, studying homeostasis, physics and cell theory.
This has been attributed to the current methods of instruction and the lack of instructional resources amenable to the study and proper understanding of such complex areas as cell theory.
Specific topics include adult stem cell theory of the multi-stage, multi-mechanism theory of carcinogenisis; schistosomiasis and neoplasia; co-opting macrophage traits in cancer progression; involvement of chemokine receptors in organ-specific metastasis; and options for visualizing metastatic disease in the living body.