cell division

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the process in reproduction and growth by which a cell divides to form daughter cells

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They found that 22 cancer types could be largely explained by the "bad luck" factor of random DNA mutations during cell division.
Specifically, the team showed that FAK was a crucial regulator of cell division and is required for the proper orientation of cell division in cultured cells and in vertebrate tissues and organs.
Plants are able to switch cell division on and off in a very controlled way and that makes their growth very flexible and enables them to adapt so well to different environments.
Granic and Potter's study of the effects of cholesterol on cell division included a prominent finding of cells carrying three copies of the chromosome that encodes the amyloid peptide that is the key component of the neurotoxic amyloid filaments that accumulate in the brains of Alzheimer patients.
In stem cells and in most cancerous cells, however, telomerase is active, and the telomeres do not shorten during cell division, allowing the cells to remain effectively immortal.
The study adds to growing evidence that combination therapies targeting different phases of the cell division cycle are vital for optimal cancer treatment.
The researchers showed that the disorderly protein yoke, called p27, participates in its own destruction by swinging the end of its long arm up into a key side pocket of the cell division molecule called CDK2.
Polo kinase is an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body and is involved in normal cell division.
A WAY has been found to reverse cell division, opening the door to exciting new treatments for cancer and birth defects.
The compound, which specifically inhibits mitotic kinesin Eg5, arrests the cell division cycle of cancer cells at the mitotic phase and induces apoptosis.
The Rochester researchers used flow cytometry to analyze T cell division in cell cultures derived from lead-treated mice.
Cenix BioScience GmbH, Dresden, Germany, a leading specialist in advanced RNA interference (RNAi)-based research services, has announced the publication of its genome-wide RNAi screen for cell division genes in C.
he compound, codenamed 0N0190, inhibits an enzyme which plays a vital role in driving cell division.
The compound, code-named 0N0190, inhibits an enzyme which plays a vital role in driving cell division.
Ithaca, NY) has patented a method for isolating and identifying a nucleic acid molecule which regulates fruit size and/or cell division in plants and the protein encoded by such a nucleic acid molecule.
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