cell death

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(physiology) the normal degeneration and death of living cells (as in various epithelial cells)

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Up until now, ferroptosis was a form of cell death identified only in cancer cells.
Adaptation, reversible injury and cell death are considered as the stages of progressive impairment of cell's normal function and structure.
The study is the first to show CHAC1's new role in promoting cancer cell death under nisin treatment.
TNF-a may mediated direct toxicity to mitochondria and induce apoptosis or cell death [13].
activation of transcription factors, changes of gene expression); cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation can be promoted; and apoptosis leading to cell death or cancer development can be induced (Qian et al.
One way subverts the programmed cell death that would otherwise prevent tumor formation, whereas the other way promotes tumor development through inflammation.
Because the retina is a complex tissue, some studies of bystander cell death are technically unfeasible at this time.
We report that the WNV capsid (Cp) by itself induces rapid nuclear condensation and cell death in tissue culture.
Texas researchers say they might have found the ``cellular fountain of youth,'' an enzyme that in laboratory experiments causes human cells to avoid the normal process of aging and cell death.
In this decade, few, if any fields have captured the imagination of commercial molecular biologists and biopharmaceutical chemists more than apoptosis or programmed cell death.
PENZBERG, Germany -- Time course analyses of neuronal cell death and its underlying mechanisms require laborious experiments and multiple endpoint assays, often involving labelling with irritating compounds and cell disruption.
London, Mar 3 (ANI): The discovery that a single protein called FADD controls multiple cell death pathways could lead to better, more targeted autoimmune disease and cancer drugs.
Other brain abnormalities in people with AD include nerve cell death in specific areas that are vital to memory and other mental abilities, as well as lower levels of certain neurotransmitters.
Previous work with rodents and other animals led scientists to theorize that the postinjury flood of glutamate contributes to the delayed cell death by overstimulating nerve cells.
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