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Synonyms for culture

Synonyms for culture

the total product of human creativity and intellect

enlightenment and excellent taste resulting from intellectual development

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for culture

the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

(biology) the growing of microorganisms in a nutrient medium (such as gelatin or agar)

a highly developed state of perfection

the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization

grow in a special preparation

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What do you think has been the greatest innovation within 3D cell culture over the last year or two?
The aim of this study was to prepare a monoclonal antibody (mAb) clone C4H5 with high specificity against DA utilizing carbohydrates conditioned cell culture media and to establish indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (iELISA)for DA detection.
The major factors contributing to the growth of the 3D cell culture market include increasing incidences of cancer, growing awareness regarding the benefits of 3D cell culture, rising regulatory approvals for cell culture-based vaccines, funding for cell-based research, and technological advancements.
Cell culture products are widely used not only by scientists working with traditional cell lines but also by researchers engaged in experiments with model systems as stem cells and engineered cell lines.
The nanoscale features critically influence numerous developmental and disease processes, and have a profound influence on stem cell growth and differentiation in cell culture.
In summary, the combination of cell culture and real-time RT-PCR detection of early, highly expressed viral genes permits detection of minute quantities of infectious poxvirus particles in a suspected sample.
Learn about cell culture methods and design such as culture modeling, media selection, and bioreactor design.
Besides offering a new testing regime intermediate between cell cultures and intact organisms, animal-on-a-chip tests could provide data that render those other categories of testing more precise and effective, the chips' developers say.
Bellitt, president of Celliance, stated, "Our new product line is being developed in response to our customers' increasing demand for cell culture supplements that do not contain fetal bovine serum.
Although there has been much investigation into the causal factors contributing to malformations and declining amphibian numbers, in vitro cell culture models to address which environmental pollutants cause cellular stress in amphibians are lacking.
4 times the osteopontin levels of a benchmark healthy ovarian cell culture; the 4 healthy ovarian cell cultures averaged only 4.
This Cell Culture Dashboard was developed based upon the aggregated responses to a 21-question survey completed by 487 scientists actively engaged in mammalian cell culture predominantly located in North America and Europe.
The global Cell Culture Market study provides a comprehensive view of the ongoing and future phases of the Cell Culture industry based on parameters such as major commercial events, research initiatives, government guidelines, market drivers, restraints and opportunities and detailed industry segmentation and regional distribution.
Themed Principles of Mammalian Cell Culture Training Course, the event drew the participation of 12 faculty, students and researchers from QU and other institutions in Qatar such as Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI).