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endoscopic examination of the abdomen through the abdominal wall

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We recommend celioscopy to explore the coelom and obtain biopsies whenever we find abnormal liver and renal values (or see abnormalities on radiographs that might warrant exploration), but most clients initially choose supportive care and monitoring.
Kelling, a surgeon, performed peritoneoscopy (celioscopy) simultaneously with Dimitrij Oscarovic Ott and Hans Christian Jacobeus (10-12).
3606 cholecystectomies under celioscopy. The Register of the French Society of Digestive Surgery.
Six males aged 2 to 5 years were evaluated through celioscopy to exclude any gonadal pathology and to assess gonadal maturity through the observation of size, color, and degree of vascularization of both testes and degree of development of both epididymes and vas deferens.
Celioscopy revealed that the fungal colony in the left air sac was now yellow, plaque-like, and friable, which suggested the antifungal therapy was effective.