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Synonyms for celibacy

Synonyms for celibacy

an unmarried status

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abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows)

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communications about celibacy are rare and perhaps not completely
In February, Jesuit father James Martin took part in the 2005 Religious Education Congress panel "Homosexuality, Celibacy, and the Priesthood: Opening up the Conversation," defending the freedom of gay men to be priests.
There must be an end to the bans on birth control, divorce, celibacy for priests and the ordination of women.
The church owes it to itself to drop the doctrine of clerical celibacy.
Flesh And The Devil looks at the issue of enforced celibacy in the church.
CELIBACY -The clergy shortage and the scandal of priests sexually abusing children in the United States, Ireland and several European countries have prompted reformers to urge an end to the ancient tradition of priestly celibacy.
Because psychiatrists, politicians, and the media respect the Roman Catholic Church's definition of celibacy as a virtue, a "gift from God," even though celibacy is at least as "abnormal" as homosexuality, which the church continues to define as a grievous sin--an "intrinsic evil," in the words of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua.
When the American Jesuit James Martin wrote in a New York Times op-ed that celibacy offers priests a way "of loving many people deeply, in a way that they would be unable to if they were in a single relationship," all too many readers took it as an endorsement of casual sex, known to the laity as "fooling around.
Frank, the millionaire author of Angela's Ashes, said celibacy served no useful purpose and could be swept away overnight.
The church's usual critics have predictably pointed their fingers at priestly celibacy as the source of the abuse.
In a series of chapters in the core of the book the authors lay out four key mechanisms that operated as a preventive check: female infanticide, male celibacy and minor marriage, marital restraint, and adoption.
The author presents a survey of celibacy and related topics that range from the chaste goddesses of remote antiquity to the "Born-Again Virgins of America" of today.
As I have pointed out numerous times in the Humanist and elsewhere, the Vatican's authoritarian leadership is out of sync with most Catholics on such key issues as contraception, abortion, divorce, clerical celibacy, the ordination of women, and education.
By 1906, he had taken a much celebrated vow of celibacy.
The election of Pope Francis is not likely to reopen the issue of clerical celibacy and its importance to the health of the church and our bishops and priests.