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an encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons

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The celiac ganglion is a very small nerve plexus located deep in the abdomen and adjacent to major arteries and critical abdominal structures.
It is possible to suppose that in cases of cure of the symptoms, a more extensive resection in the area of the celiac trunk origin, consequently involving the celiac ganglion division could be the cause of symptom cure (Edwards et al.
After surgery and biopsy it becomes difficult to decide whether the responsible component for the celiac trunk compression is the arcuate ligament or the celiac ganglion fibrosis (Edwards et al.
The angiogram showed stenosis of the celiac trunk and in the surgery a constriction of the artery by the fibrosed celiac ganglion was observed.
1970) or with a sympathectomy and denervation of the celiac ganglion sectioning the nervous fibers (Snyder et al.