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a mineral consisting of strontium sulphate

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The fossil invertebrates are generally fragmentary, showing dissolution, replacement by calcite and celestite, and aragonite-calcite neomorfism processes.
The total estimated deposits of celestite mineral in Pakistan is 1,76,000 Metric Tons (approx.
1973) Quelques considerations sur le gisement de celestite de Sakoany.
Occurrences of nonmetallic minerals include bauxite, barite, celestite, corundum, gypsum, and coal.
There are radiolarians with a silicon skeleton, foraminifera with calcareous tests, and acantharians, which have an external skeleton of celestite, strontium sulfate (SrSO4), a material that is hard and compact in the living acantharian, but which soon dissolves when it dies.
The chemical composition of the scale and sludge analyzed consists of varying concentrations of the barium and strontium end members of the barite to celestite solid solution series.
Business meetings can be boosted into positive overdrive by placing a chunk of beautiful blue celestite in the boardroom to ease communications.
Mineral fillers/extenders include celestite, barytes, calcium carbonate, attapulgite clay, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, talc and slate.
Not only were top-shelf minerals going to be for sale; I was going to see those great new fluorite on celestite specimens from Clay Center, Ohio.
Sulphate minerals are limited to gypsum and small amounts of anhydrite (XRD), although some celestite was also observed in the petrographic examinations.
Richard Mozley's MeGaSep multigravity separator is designed to separate all fine and ultra-fine particles, and has applications in the recovery of precious metals, base metal oxides and sulphides, and the upgrading of industrial minerals such as fluorspar, celestite and barytes.
Company's mineral fillers/extenders include celestite, barytes, calcium carbonate, attapulgite clay, bentonite clay, kaolin day, talc and slate.
Market Analysis III-1 Current & Future Analysis III-1 Strontium Demand Plummets in the US III-1 Celestite Procurement in the US III-1 Production and Consumption Overview III-1 International Trade III-1