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the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

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The motion of the stars could be explained by the celestial sphere moving around us.
equinox Either of the two points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator intersects the
Not surprisingly, about a third of The Natural Navigator deals with the sky and celestial sphere, as Gooley crisply explains how the movement of the sun, moon, and stars reflects the season and latitude.
When Thor is cast out of Asgard, he ends up on Earth where scientist Jane Foster is investigating the celestial sphere.
Mirror symmetry of the histogram sequences around an equinox means that histogram shape depends on how far distant is the celestial body from the equator plane, whatever on the northern or southern side of the celestial sphere.
That is, the sun, moon, stars, and celestial sphere can be viewed either as three distinct elements or species, in which case they have certain properties, or they can be taken together according to their common nature, as the generic element of the heavenly sphere, in which case they would have different properties than when they are considered as specific elements.
Sagittarius, of course, is a zodiac sign, one of the 12 constellations the sun passes through in its circumnavigation of the celestial sphere.
Equally unacceptable to him is the idea that the earth has a ball-like shape (kuriyyah) and that it stays aloft and motionless, not supported by anything but staying where it is because it is pulled to every direction with the same force by the celestial sphere and therefore remains at the same distance from everything.
These celestial tables are based on one grand, simplifying assumption: All celestial bodies are located on the celestial sphere that rotates around a stationary Earth.
If we detect the two different positions (call them Ml and M2) of M on the celestial sphere when seen from I and S, we can measure the angle IMS = p, that is called the parallax angle or simply parallax.
Decorative globes are popular; they traditionally come in pairs, a terrestrial and a celestial sphere.
What point on the celestial sphere is diametrically opposite to the zenith?
Look up the word "solstice" in Webster's Dictionary and it reads: the time of year when the sun reaches its northernmost point on the celestial sphere.
AGILE is a gamma ray and hard X-ray observatory that will survey the celestial sphere to help understand astrophysics phenomena like compact stars, black holes, pulsars and gamma ray bursts reaching the Earth from remote regions of the universe.