celestial pole

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one of two points of intersection of the Earth's axis and the celestial sphere


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The adopted values of jumps of the celestial pole offset are shown in Table 5.
The comet then travels north between Hercules and Bootes, into Draco and passes within a few degrees of the north celestial pole on Jan 7 before heading away via Cepheus and Camelopardalis.
The north celestial pole is very close to Polaris, the North Star.
Furthermore, at middle latitudes in both the northern and southern hemispheres, star trails photographed with the shutter open for several hours will appear as a series of concentric arcs around the north and south celestial poles respectively.
However, at measurements at latitude 54[degrees]N (in Pushchino), absence of the daily period [9] also was revealed when using collimators restricting a flow of the alpha particles of radioactive decay at the direction to the north celestial pole.
Recent studies of the cultic practices, ceremonial, and conceptual background of the supreme numinous power Taiyi, "Supreme One," during the Warring States through Han periods draw on abundant textual and archaeological materials and underscore the identification of Taiyi with the celestial pole.
Due to its offset of 3/4 degrees from the real celestial pole, even Polaris moves around it.
IT appears to be stationary because it is only a half a degree from the North Celestial Pole.
The north celestial pole is high in the sky as seen from Europe and the Middle East, and the stars near it, in their daily circle about it, never dip below the horizon.
It's not much more than two boards connected by a hinge aimed at the celestial pole.
Polaris is an average looking star which just happened to appear close in the sky to the north celestial pole.
The south celestial pole is located midway between Crux and Achernar, the star marking the southern end of Eridanus (the River).
The image, of a region of sky near the south celestial pole, is the equivalent of a black and white photo, but made from radio waves.
In the north Ursa Major lies to the west of the celestial pole and is beginning its descent towards the horizon.