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Instead of the family coming together for a birthday party, the celebrator gathers friends for a birthday treat.
It was an evening of tons of fun and laughter with the celebrator chatting non-stop with Click Licensing Asia's Marilu Corpus, Badong and Diwi Castanos, designer and image consultant Delby Bragais and husband Trez, Ambassador of Hungary Jozsef Benzce, beautypreneur Nikki Tang, Hoseki's Faico and Zabeth Co, Wilcon's Rosemarie and Tony Ong, Exuviance by Ross owner Ross Licup, dahlings, among the other memorable individuals present.
By seeking to borrow, as Henry Fielding wrote, "wit or wisdom from any man who is capable of lending us either," he became a celebrator of ambient ideas with his own original editorial point of view, channeled through the curatorial selection and mashing up of these ideas.
A wonderful look at creative ways to cherish the holiday, "Festival of Lights" is a must-have for any celebrator who wants to do something different.
Motivational speaker Giovanni Livera is a celebrator of human spirit and potential--a creator of meaningful experiences who transforms companies and peoples' lives through the understanding that anything is possible.
In March, Celebrator Beer News, a microbrew trade magazine, anointed Dale's Pale Ale "Top Industry Story of the Year.
Barry ends up confronting the "hollow victory" of an itinerant career rife with achievement--"his" primary companion on life's journey seems to have been one or another of numerous poodles, all named Psyche--that was nonetheless almost wholly lacking in love: "the desperate celebrator of an imprisoned soul.
Essentially an urban poet, an explorer of New York City, (3) a lover of Jewish history and the Jewish textual tradition, a celebrator of American Emersonian self-reliance and self-creation, an advocate of "Torah over terrain," Charles Reznikoff, who never visited Israel, who wrote in English rather than the Yiddish of his childhood, and who spoke no Hebrew, espoused no ideology, joined no religious or communal groups, but who certainly wrote deeply Jewish-American poetry, is for Ranen Omer-Sherman the Diasporist par excellence.
In addition, Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, Brau Weisse and Ur Weisse received the highest ratings ever in their respective categories.
When discussing public access to public information, events unfortunately force this space to be a scold more often than a celebrator.
After him no single celebrator predominated, though there were still some colourful characters, like David Paterson, a probationer minister caught inflagrante, who gave up the idea of a career in the ministry to earn a living celebrating irregular marriages.
A devoted family person who relished the December academic break as an opportunity to be with his family at a rural Wisconsin getaway, he was a consistent murmurer about the dates of meetings during the week between Christmas and New Year's and a celebrator of the January schedule adopted in recent years.
Hadda repeatedly stresses the metamorphosis that Singer underwent from his early years as Yitskhok Bashevis, "the worldly-wise and sharp-witted gadfly" (140), who borrowed his mother's name to distance himself from his conservative father and successful elder brother Israel Joshua, to Isaac Bashevis Singer, the (supposedly) nostalgic celebrator of pious yidishkayt and the lost world of the shtetl.
Fowles recoilingly implores novelists and poets to steer clear of universities: "One doesn't apprentice a would-be celebrator of life to a college of morticians.