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an officiating priest celebrating the Eucharist

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Anyone can be a celebrant, but I wanted to do it properly," said Lee.
The retired headteacher of St Giles Junior School, in Exhall, has embarked on a career as a humanist celebrant - all so he can officiate over his son's non-religious nuptials next year.
They leapt off the side, closely followed by the wedding celebrant.
She told me that a similar situation had occurred in Virginia City a few months earlier with a court that had refused to recognize the credentials and authority of a humanist celebrant who had officiated a wedding.
We suppose it is left up to each celebrant to decide if he should sing.
Frances said: "When Steve announced Alan was a humanist celebrant and we were getting married, my mum and three sisters burst into tears.
But Sydney marriage celebrant Jan Littlejohn said the trend was catching on saying "I have seen it several times in the last few months"
Dr Ibrahim avait pris une decision de fermer le Musee aux visites, pour trois jours, jusqu'a la fin des festivites celebrant la Revolution qui ont eu lieu en face du batiment, en prevision des actes commis par les hors-la-loi.
Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, will be the principal celebrant and homilist.
Fortunately, says Cynthia Reed, director of academics at the Celebrant Foundation, organizations such as hers teach individuals to create "a personalized ceremony, no matter what the client's beliefs or values.
Until the church became the official religion of the empire, the community chose its own celebrant and the imposition of an outsider as principal celebrant of the eucharistic meal was added after the early church became the imperial church.
Another bonfire is lit in the middle of church floor on Christmas morning and ancient hymns are sung as the celebrant of the Eucharist carries a figure of the infant Jesus around the room.
The celebrant remained seated; the deacon (bypassing the recent ban on deacons preaching) read a broad, safe interpretation of Matthew 23.
By then she had heard about the celebrant movement in New Zealand and Australia for mainly nonreligious people who wanted funeral services to focus on the life and personality of the deceased.
It is so named because of the red vestments worn by the celebrant.