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Synonyms for celandine

North American annual plant with usually yellow or orange flowers

perennial herb with branched woody stock and bright yellow flowers

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Ranunculus ficaria 'Brazen Hussy' is far and away the brightest and most cheerful of all the cultivated celandines, with vivid yellow flowers nestling among bronze leaves Found by Christopher Lloyd in the woods The straightforward wilding is beautiful but there are many others, discovered in the wild and brought into cultivation by sharp-eyed botanists and gardeners.
Brazen Hussy is the most cheerful of all the cultivated celandines with vivid yellow flowers nestling among bronze leaves.
Brazen Hussy' is the most cheerful of all the "cultivated" celandines, with vivid yellow flowers nestling among bronze leaves.
Some gardeners fear celandines - once their white rhizomes escape, it is difficult to persuade them to restrict themselves to where you want them to grow.
Celandines (or pilewort) were used as a cure for piles in Medieval times
Well, I've seen daffodils nodding in the sunshine, lambs gambolling in the fields and celandines blooming in the hedgerows so it must be spring or if not quite, I can sense it waiting in the wings.
Earlier this week, as I walked to Conwy, the celandines that gild the banks of Gyffin stream had their polished petals shut tight against the wind and rain and the yellow trumpets of the daffodils were blowing all over the place like a deranged brass band.
On this hot May afternoon, the lovers lay among the heather and Katie contemplated her future as bees murmured among the sunny yellow celandines, scented primroses, meadowsweets and glorious purple thistles.
Celandines cling to a stone step at Glebe Cottage | Cheery.
WITH the spate of warmer weather, all the celandines in and around the garden have burst into flower.
Today he saw the first celandines huddled in the hedgerow, their bright stamp of gold putting a seal on things.
Putting my botanical stumbling to shame, Gary McLardy writes with news of blooming corn marigolds, red dead nettle, veronica persica, and many lesser celandines and dandelions along Alt Road and Altcar Road near Formby by-pass.
It was that cold month which has delayed flowering of things like celandines and snowdrops.
You wouldn't know it from the biting northerly winds,but spring continues to advance, withPeter Tipping finding the star-shaped golden blooms of many lesser celandines in the Netherley area, where he heard great spotted woodpecker drumming last weekend.